Is Fast and Convenient Always Better?

As you know, we went grocery shopping on Monday, just a quick shop to pick up odds and ends, not a big haul. We came to the frozen food aisle to grab some pizza, trust me when I say go grab a Walmart brand self-rising supreme pizza. It is surprisingly good. I stopped and looked around at all the microwave meals and tv dinners amazed at all the brands and choices and sizes. We really have become the land of convenience.

I remember having tv dinners on trays in the living room watching television when I was younger. It was not an every week sort of thing, but it did happen from time to time. We were always so excited, because it was a treat. Not only was it cool to look at, forgive me, I was very young, but it always came with a dessert compartment. It was a full meal all in one little tray that you could throw out after and not worry about dishes. Sounds like a big plus to me.

Through the years they got a little bit more creative with the food in the meals. No longer was it just Salisbury Steak and potatoes. It was nice veggies with a creamy sauce on top and maybe a rice pilaf with a lemon chicken. Of course, you still had to wait for the oven to warm up and then the actual cooking time of the dinner. And just when we couldn’t stand the wait anymore…here comes the microwave.

The microwave made our lives easier than ever before. Just a quick zap and boom, something could be on the table. We no longer had to deal with pulling out the popcorn maker or waiting for the Jiffy Pop to do its thing on the stove. In just 2 and half minutes you could have a nice hot bag of popcorn ready to go. All done in the time before the next show came on. Anything you are want can be done quickly in the microwave. Craving Japanese style noodles? Cup of Noodles in a minute. Did you get distracted, and your coffee is now cold? In 30 seconds, it can be nice and steaming again. Leftovers from your favorite restaurant? It will be reheated in just a few minutes.

We are all on the go so much. Families eating at different times because of sports schedules and parents working late. Couples eating at different times and wanting 2 different meals. It’s no wonder the prepackaged frozen meal became a staple and a life saver. If you were to open my freezer at any time in my adult life you would find a frozen dinner there.

But is faster always better? Sometimes the answer is yes. These things were made for a reason, there was a market for it because of our lifestyles. We didn’t change our lifestyle because we saw we could get more things accomplished now that the tv dinner was made. It was made because companies saw a need and fulfilled it.

The world will continue to be fast paced and microwave meals and tv dinners will always be in demand. I personally am waiting for the day when I have a June Jetson kitchen. With a push of a button out comes a whole roast dinner and all I had to do was push that button. I won’t care how it’s made or how the groceries got to the house to begin with. OOOOO…maybe we will all have Rosie the Robots…that would be sweet.

***Question for the comments…Do you have frozen dinners from time to time? What do you use your microwave for the most?

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