Are You a Fashion Fiend?

Do you pay attention to the trends of the season? Are you always on the lookout for the next new thing? Or do you not care at all about what is considered fashionable?

I was on the phone with my sister the other day…what else is new, right…lol. And we started talking about clothes and handbags. This led to a marathon session of looking at clothing websites and scrolling through the trends together.

It started off in Ann Taylor which led to Bergdorf Goodman which led to who knows what else. Just scrolling and laughing and occasionally finding something that we would wear. We got to Fashionphile and my head nearly exploded over all the wonderful designer handbags. You know I am a sucker for a good bag.

I used to do this all the time. I was always up on the latest things. I had subscriptions to Vogue, InStyle, and Vanity Fair. I couldn’t afford all the high-end designer clothes, but I would look to see what colors were trending and what was in and then I would go to places like Old Navy and Ross and pick a few items that would work for the season. I guess you would have called me a low-budget fashionista.

It was the same with makeup and nail polish. I would go with the trends that suited me and not worry about things that didn’t. I never could get the winged eyeliner thing down. Hair, I never looked at because mine was always short. But things have changed.

Since moving to the islands, I really don’t know what is going on in the land of fashion. I am usually running around in shorts and tee shirts, and I can’t tell you the last time I had on a pair of actual shoes. I live my life in slippahs (flip flops). But I have to tell you something…I miss it.

I miss shopping the way I used to. Looking for the right jacket or shirt that would look good with jeans. LOL, I haven’t worn jeans in 10 years!!! Nowadays, I just throw on anything and call it a day. I hardly ever wear makeup anymore. And ever since my hairdresser moved back to the mainland last year, I have let my hair grow long and natural. All this sums up to one thing, I am bored with myself and my look.

I am over the just throw on anything who cares look. Which means it is time for a change. This does not mean that I am going to walk around looking like I just got off the catwalk during Fashion Week. But it’s time to get back to MY basics. Looking to see what’s in and then translating it into my casual island look. Yes, it can be done. I just have to start looking again.

Maybe I am feeling restless because it is Fall. This is the season I love, and I am always up for change this time of year. And this time, the change is my look. First thing to go is my hair. I never feel right with it long, it messes with who I am. It sounds stupid, but it is true. I have a previous post about my love/hate relationship with my hair that explains it better. Then it’s off to the fashion files to see how I can turn my laid-back look into more of a polished beach look instead of just a sloppy look. Be on the lookout, because when I get my look back, you may just see me strut up the street and do a little spin like I am on the catwalk.

***Question for the comments…Do you like fashion? Do you pay attention to trends, or do you not care at all about what is in?

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Are You a Hat Person?

I love hats, do you?

I am obsessed with hats. I have been collecting hats ever since I can remember. I don’t know when it first started, but wherever I go, if I see a cute hat, I am buying it.

Most people go to concerts and pick up a tee shirt to remember the occasion, the first thing I look for is a hat. A few years ago, Neil and I went to see Def Leppard. We went right to the merchandise area. He bought a really nice hoodie and asked if I wanted a shirt. I took a quick scan of all the things, shook my head and just pointed. He looked to where my finger was leading and just laughed…he should have known.

My hat of choice is usually a baseball hat, normally worn backwards. (You know I am a bit of a tomboy) But in recent years I have tried bucket hats and beanies and I like them too. Beanies don’t work really well in Hawaii, in my opinion, because it never really gets cold, but I have worn one if I go out for a few hours and it works with my outfit.

Thinking back, I think I first noticed hats in a big way when I watched Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married. It was 1981 and I was 11. People were streaming into the church and all I saw were these big, beautiful hats. All shapes and colors, some very pretty and some that looked totally ridiculous, I was mesmerized. I looked at the hats more than I did the dresses. I love that about the Royals, I still look at their hats today.

If I want to go farther back, it might have been because of the nuns at school. I loved to see them in full habit, including the wimple and veil. In fact, there was a time when I thought about becoming a nun. Although thinking about it now…I just wanted to wear the uniform. While other little girls were putting pillowcases on their heads pretending to be brides, I was running around pretending to be Sister Tracie. LOL! Even today, I will show more respect for a nun in a habit than the ones who run around in just a skirt and blouse.

One type of hat I cannot wear is a big, floppy sunhat. They are nice, but they annoy me to wear. I have a friend who wears one whenever we have a beach day, and it totally works on her. She looks fabulous in it. Some people can pull it off; I am not one of them. I feel like I should be sitting on the veranda in “Gone with the Wind” sipping sweet tea and hardly being able to breathe because my corset is too tight. I’ll just stick to my baseball and bucket hats.

Do you wear hats? I think you either are a hat person or you’re not. I think some people want to wear them, but they feel like people will laugh or think they are silly. I get it, nobody wants to feel embarrassed. Let me leave you with a quote I found on Pinterest…

“Don’t second guess every decision you make…You’ll go crazy…IF YOU LIKE THE HAT, WEAR IT.” -zen2zany

***Question for the comments…Do you like hats? If you do, what is your favorite style to wear?

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What’s in Your bag?

Ever since I got my first bookbag I have loved bags. I love them in all shapes, sizes and colors. I have bags that barely hold my keys all the way up to being able to fit my whole life in them. I was switching out my bag the other day and I started to wonder…what do other people carry in their bags. So, I am asking you, what do you keep in your handbag or tote bag or fanny pack?

I currently have about 12 bags in various shapes and sizes, which is a low number for me. I have had a lot more than that, but I now try to live a downsized life. 12 might seem like a lot for someone trying to minimalize, but they all get used at some point based on where I am going and what my needs are.

My go to bag is still a backpack for every day. I can throw my wallet in it along with a notebook. I also find myself now carrying a portable phone charger and headphones, just in case, along with my sunglass case and my other glasses. I should be wearing glasses all the time, but I only bring them out when I need to see something far away. And of course, there is the lipstick. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, just a little eyeshadow and mascara, but I love a pop of color on the lips, so I always have one waiting to be used.

I never go by the trends when buying my bags. I want what I want and if it is not in “season” or the current fashion I don’t really care. I have always had my own style and even more so since moving to the islands. I am a casual girl who lives in shorts and slippahs (flip flops), so there really is no need for an expensive designer bag by Hermes or even Coach. Although Chanel one year did this really cool graffiti style backpack that if I could get my hands on, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

I do see a trend of people going back to the fanny pack. Remember those? They clipped around the waist, and it was something I only used when going to the amusement park. We used to make fun of them if you really want to know the truth, but I don’t anymore. Here in Hawaii, I see a lot of men using them. My opinion is that they wear a lot of boardshorts that don’t have pockets in them, so it’s convenient. Some men still clip them at the waist, but I see more people wearing them over the shoulder like in the picture above. Men, let me ask you, do you carry a bag of any kind or are you just a wallet in the back pocket kind of guy?

When I people watch, which I do a lot, the first thing I look at is their bag. I wonder about their lives and what they are carrying around with them all day. I am curious by nature, which is why I am a writer, I guess. This brings me back to the question…what’s in your bag?

***Question for the comments…what kind of bag do you normally carry and what’s in it?

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