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26 thoughts on “Home

  1. Good job Tracie…this is new to me too I’m still trying to find the 7 thoughts on “home”…I’m curious because if you ask someone where’s home more then likely they’ll tell where their from…but is that really home? I feel like although I know your from Philidelpia and or Baltimore…I’m sure your home is Hawaii! As for me I’ll say Palolo…a place I grew up…and in the future reside…please let me know if I talk to much….your braddah James

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  2. Well it’s about damn time. Hahaha I’m so glad you persevered past it all and made it to where you belong, embrace it…own it cause I’m strapped up and ready for the journey…good job TK!!!

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  3. Great read TK…I kinda don’t like spooky movies…so I don’t have a favorite…as far as candies what is considered Halloween candy?…but I love whoppers, reeses, and snickers…I once took first place in a costume contest as Freddie Flintstone hahaha happy Halloween

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  4. Great read tk…being a island boy you get stuck in the climate all year long…man I can’t imagine living where you can experience the seasons…your experience warms my heart and I agree the best way to get a better perspective I’ll have to hit the hallmark channel…hahaha…when I was a kid groing up fall meant the beginning of bigger surf heading into winter…no picnics and pot lucks just get on your board and surf all day..
    Come in get a quick bite and back on your board till the sun goes down…by the way I truly miss when you neil and I did our beach fellowship…how I loved that…I’m praying we can again someday sooner then later…mahalo for the read

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  5. I think I’m right where I suppose to be…born and raised in Palolo! Work for the City and County of Honolulu, serve at Hope Chapel Waikiki and pointing to Jesus where ever I go…been to Seattle, Oregon, Spokane, France, Peru, Korea, Turkey, and even Israel and the one thing can honestly say was when the trip was pau I was glad to be home…here’s the thing though, am I afraid to lose my job because I’m unvaccinated…no! And if God puts it on my heart to go or do something for Him…it may take a while but I’m pretty sure I’d go just like you did when you made your move…awesome topic… mahalo

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  6. When I was in Kona I finally had shaved ice and it was lilikoi and strawberry and looked like a volcano and I’m now obsessed! Before that my obsession was Rita’s lime water ice which they almost never had and since I don’t live in Hawaii I guess this will be just as rare for me 😭

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    1. Well, if things go as planned you will have some next may…and after that make sure my nephew brings you to hawaii more to visit me on Oahu and your brother on Big Island πŸ™‚πŸ€™πŸ§


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