Boy Bands…

Ahhhh, the boy bands, every middle school girl’s dream. Every decade or so a new crop of boy bands enters the picture and sets little girl’s hearts a flutter. Did you have a favorite growing up? Who was it? What is the fascination with the boy band? They are a bunch of cute guys who […]

Celebrity Gossip…Do We Even Care?

Do you pay attention to celebrity gossip? It is a money-making industry that floods our media feeds, but here’s a question…why do we even care? I will admit it, sometimes I get caught up in the gossip of celebrity. It’s true. if I see something about a favorite actor or singer, I will skim the […]

The Changing of the Seasons

I was having my daily sister call a few days ago and the subject of weather came up. She told me she was all bundled up because the temperature had done its normal fall dance of dropping quickly for a day without warning only to have it go back to where it had been before […]

Expect something later

Sorry gang, I had a great post and it only saved half of it….grrrhhh. Will try to recreate it later, but I got things to do right now. Talk to you soon.

Dear Diary….

How many of you had a diary growing up? Did you write in it faithfully? Do you still have piles of them hanging around in the attic or basement just waiting for you to open them up and cringe at what your deepest thoughts were at the age of 11 or 17 or 33? Do […]

Laughter is the Best Medicine…

That’s how the old saying goes and I totally believe it!! I am sure you have heard this saying many, many times in the past. But do you know where it comes from? It is actually a proverb from the bible. It’s true, I looked it up. The verse is Proverbs 17:22. It has been […]

What Have They Done to Pooh?

Fall is here and with fall comes all the things heading towards spooky season. Halloween candy is for sale, costumes are being thought about and all the new horror movies are coming out. Do you like horror movies? I like certain ones. I am more into psychological thrillers than I am slasher flicks. I will […]

I Feel Great…Sore, But Great!!!

Ok, so I got on the scale last week to a horrible discovery…I am the heaviest I have ever weighed. I mean, I know I haven’t felt the greatest lately and I have been consuming quite a lot of junk, but I had no idea. I was sad, angry and determined all at the same […]

Are You a Fashion Fiend?

Do you pay attention to the trends of the season? Are you always on the lookout for the next new thing? Or do you not care at all about what is considered fashionable? I was on the phone with my sister the other day…what else is new, right…lol. And we started talking about clothes and […]

Dahl, Wonka and Gobstoppers…a Threesome

I was tooling around the internet last month looking for topics for September and I came upon something cool. Yesterday was Roald Dahl Day and today is Gobstopper Day…coincidence? I think not and it’s a perfect topic for today. I LOVE the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It has kids in it, it […]


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