How Do You Grocery Shop?

We are getting ready to go have a little breakfast and then go grocery shopping and it got me wondering about how everyone else shops. There is no right, or wrong way and I have changed up my routine through the years. So let me ask you, how to you shop for groceries?

Do you make a list? Do you go down each aisle, row after row, in order? Do you coupon? (For my sister, who hates using nouns as verbs, let me rephrase…Do you use coupons?) How do you get through the daunting task that is going to the grocery store?

Nowadays, Neil and I will have an idea of what we want, so we just go to the store and look around. We pick up what we know we want or need and then troll the aisles to see if anything else grabs our attention. You would think that would lead to overspending, but it hasn’t so far.

When I first moved out on my own, many years ago, I took grocery shopping very seriously. I would look through all the Sunday ads and clip coupons and make a list of what I wanted to buy. This is a normal method of shopping, and it worked out pretty well. I did this for years, but when all the grocery stores started with their own discount cards, I pretty much stopped clipping coupons. I still like to look at the ads.

When I started working in restaurants, the days of weekly shopping went out the window. I stopped cooking, because after looking at food all day, every day, the last thing I wanted to do was shop and make a healthy meal. So, I turned to the comforts of take out and convenience store pickups. Well, you can guess what happened…I gained a bunch of weight and I have yet to take it off. I am a fast food/junk food junkie. It is time to get off the merry go round and get back to making nice, simple meals at home.

That means meal planning and grocery lists. It’s time to really start thinking about what I want to cook throughout the week and make it happen. If you have been with me for a while, you know the thoughts of cooking on a regular basis kinda intimidates me. But I can read and follow directions. I just sike myself out.

Maybe I will even start to use coupons again. When I used them before, I used to have a small organizer for them. I used a very simple method; I pulled them together by date. For a single girl shopping alone, it worked great. But, man, some of these organizers and binders are insane. I see people in the store with a binder as big as the grocery cart. How do they even know what’s in there? But they do. They can pull a coupon out from anywhere in a second. It is fascinating and scary at the same time. I have watched “Extreme Couponing”, I know what they do.

Today is not a big shop for us, just a few items here and there, to get us through the week. But I am going to take the week and come up with a meal game plan for next week. The small free local paper comes out tomorrow and there are ads and coupons in there…I may have to snag one from the lobby of our building and pull out a notebook to make my lists and an envelope for my coupons. Am I turning into June Cleaver? LOL…no, you will never see me in pearls vacuuming the house and I hate high heels, so I’m good, no worries.

***Question for the comments…How do you grocery shop? List or no list? Coupons? A lot of stores or just one?

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