A Trip Around Da Island

Yesterday was statehood day here in Hawaii. It celebrates the day Hawaii became the 50th state in the union. Since Neil and James were off of work for the holiday, we grabbed our friend Alissa and took off around the island for the day. How do you celebrate a random holiday?

The day started off with James and Alissa picking us up and then it was off to breakfast for some much-needed coffee. There is a great place down the street from our condo named Anna Millers. This place has been around since 1973 and when you walk in you are entering a time warp. The girls’ uniforms remind you of the swiss miss girl, but their food is incredible. After filling up on blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs (my breakfast), we set off down the road.

We drove and listened to the radio and talked story. We stopped and took pictures (see the selfie above…I am the cheesy one in the middle, front and center) and drove some more. Then it was time to stop and swim. We went to one of our favorite spots, Malaekahana beach and bobbed around in the water for a while until I got stung on the finger by a Portuguese man o’ war. I was sitting there, minding my own business, when I felt this excruciating pain on my thumb. I looked down to see what I thought was a string…nope. I tried to get it off of me and it got my index finger as well. Let me tell you something, the pain was intense. But we got out of the water and Neil took some leaf off of a plant (not aloe), crunched it up and I rubbed it over both fingers. it took about an hour for the pain to go away. This morning I am fine.

After the swim it was time for a little lunch. Earlier in the day we had passed my favorite shrimp place, Romy’s, and Alissa was in the mood for some garlic shrimp, so we went. Neil never likes to stop when just the two of us go around the island because of the line, but after we waited yesterday, and he tasted how great it was, he said he would wait in line in the future…good news for me…Love that place. The top middle picture in the collage is the shrimp plate. What’s on top of the shrimp you ask? A ton of garlic and butter…yummy.

We wanted to stop for shave ice at another favorite place, Coconut Girls and Boys, but they were closed. This woman, Tracey, makes her own coconut cream condensed milk to go on top of the shave ice and it is heavenly. We try to stop every time we pass her stand, hopefully we will get back to it soon.

We headed back into town because Alissa had an appointment to see an apartment and we tagged along. We did have time to stop at Waiola’s Shave Ice for a quick treat. You may know the name of this place if you ever watched the “new” Hawaii 5-0. It was owned by one of the reoccurring characters. I got a small creamsicle with vanilla ice cream. It could have used a little bit more syrup, but it was really good.

After that, it was home to wash all the sand out of my hair and rest. It was a perfect day, even with the stupid man ‘o war sting. One of my favorite things is to cruise around the island. Good music on, laughing and carrying on, stopping here and there to swim and eat or even shop a little. It’s hard to get the four of us together because of schedules, but we do have a tentative date set for Veteran’s Day in November. It is always easier to grab the boys on a state holiday when they are off work than on a weekend. I hope we do exactly the same thing with 2 exceptions…we get to go to Coconut Girls and Boys, and I don’t get stung.

***Question for the comments…What do you do on those random holidays when you are off work? Do you plan to hang out with friends or do you use it as a day to stay home and relax?

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