CrossFit Games Week

This is the week I have been waiting for all season, The CrossFit Games. Some people follow football, some never miss a baseball game, and some watch all the hoops and a bunch of other sports…I watch CrossFit.

We have talked about this before. The idea of all different types of exercises put together in competition form is exciting to me. You never know what you are going to see. I am writing this while watching team competition live on YouTube. I couldn’t do any of these things, let alone is synch with a team of four.

I have watched my favorites go through The Open all the way to get their ticket to the Games in Madison, Wisconsin. The beautiful thing is that anyone can be involved in The Open. If I was a cross fitter and went to my local box, I could sign up with people from all over the world and compete. I would come in dead last, LOL, but it would be a nice feeling to actually be a part of something sporty.

But I am perfectly happy routing for my favorites. I am looking for Tia Clair-Toomey to take another win this year and I am hoping Pat Vellner takes first place in the men’s competition, something that is possible since Mat Fraser retired. I am also looking at the young kids moving up in the ranks. The fire and drive to succeed is insane. I admire that, because I have never felt that big lust to win, in anything. You know me, I am a go with the flow kinda girl, winning was never big on my radar. Not that I think everyone deserves a trophy, I don’t. I think competition and contests are very important to teach about winning at life. It just wasn’t that big of a thing in our house.

So, this is where I will be spending my week, in front of YouTube watching the games and cheering my favorites onto the podium. I will also indulge in my normal fantasies about competing and living the CrossFit lifestyle. I will look up boxes in my area and check out at home workouts as I look into nutritional plans that cross fitters are known to eat. And as each event happens, I will see myself right there, along with everybody else. Dreams are what keeps us going, but you never know…one year I may finally join a box and compete in an open. And I will be totally stoked, even if I come in dead last, because for once, I would have finally gotten out of my comfort zone and competed in something. Que the Queen music, because if that ever happens, I will be eating Wheaties for days and listening to “We are the Champions” on repeat.

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