I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day!!! I am preparing myself a day in advance, LOL. Normally, I hear about these little holidays after the fact, and I missed out on it, or it is something I don’t care enough about to celebrate, but being the big kid that I am, I will always celebrate ice cream.

Do you have a favorite flavor? A go to over and over flavor above all others? I actually do not. I have about 10 that I would consider my “number 1 flavor” and then a bunch of back up flavors. I know, I am a big mess. But how can I just choose one? And don’t get me started on the toppings. It all depends on my mood.

I recently wrote about ice cream in one of my summer posts. It was about ice cream trucks and the joy of running outside to grab a treat. Today, we tackle all other things ice cream. Are you a cone or cup fan? Do you mix your flavors? What kind of toppings do you like? What about an ice cream cake? Start thinking, because I would like to see some comments on this, please.

I have always loved ice cream, of course. I remember Breyer’s being a brand in our house a lot, but I also remember those little vanilla cups with the wooden spoon attached to it. It was definitely a cheaper ice cream, but something about it was delicious. I recently had that experience when I stopped in at a small shop and got a shave ice with ice cream. They had them premade in the freezer and when I tasted the vanilla ice cream in the middle, it brought me back to those days sitting on the stoop in front of our house with my little cup and wooden spoon.

I worked at a Baskin Robbins for a while in my early 20s. They have about 1400 flavors that they rotate in and out based on season and a base of about 15-20 that are always in stock. Why the name 31 flavors? It’s so you can have a different flavor every day of the month. This is where my obsession grew. I would try so many different combinations of flavors and toppings in cones, in cups and in milkshakes. Some of my favorites from BR are Gold Medal Ribbon, World Class Chocolate, Baseball Nut, Jamoca Almond Fudge and their French Vanilla. They had the best French Vanilla around…yum.

Besides all the taste tasting I got to do, one of my favorite things was learning how to make all the cakes. I got really good at the swirls and different ways to decorate. But my favorite cake I made was for the nuns. Every year a nun celebrates her Feast Day, which is the day she entered the convent, it’s her anniversary. I came up with a little design of a cross with a ribbon of rose buds draping over it. They loved it and all came in for it. It made me proud, because you know how much I love the nuns.

I said before that I choose differently all the time based on my mood. Well, right now, at 6:51 in the morning, after all this ice cream talk, I am craving a coffee ice cream in a cup with a sugar cone on top (yes, I like both) with a little chocolate syrup and whip cream. Yes, that is very specific, and it might be because I have not had any caffeine yet. I need to stop and grab some right now, because we don’t have any of those ingredients in the house.

If I had to choose a favorite brand, I pick Ben and Jerry’s. I have told you this before. I love the different combinations they think up. So many different things in one pint…it makes it easier on me, I don’t have to think up a combo on my own. Yes, I like to be fancy, but don’t rule out the simple for me. I will take a plain scoop of vanilla or chocolate if offered. One of my favorites growing up was Neapolitan ice cream, which is 3 different flavors layered in one container, usually it’s vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. That’s because I like to get a little bit of all three and mix it together into one big mess…so good.

So, remember, go out today and get all the ingredients you will need or plan to stop at the local ice cream parlor tomorrow. Don’t miss out. Because it is so good that I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!!!

***Question for the comments…Do you like ice cream? Cone or cup? Topping or plain? Favorite flavor? Favorite brand? Let me know!!!

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

8 thoughts on “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream…

  1. Chocolate, chocolate, CHOCOLATE! The bestest, chocolatiest chocolate is Breyer’s (and I’ve tried a LOT) As far as texture goes, Haagen Dazs. I’m not one for a ton of air in my ice cream, like Friendly’s or Turkey Hill. And Blue Bunny tastes like chemicals.
    Mr. Freakin Softee! Damn truck went through the complex again the other day and didn’t stop…effer.
    Cone ALWAYS, sugar cone to be exact.
    Not ice cream, but chocolate wooder ice with a pretzel! Good chocolate wooder ice, not that crap in the grocery store. And Rita’s is Walmart wooder ice. I meant the stuff from Tony’s. Lately, it’s been Dove dark chocolate covered chocolate ice cream bars. Now I’m gonna get a chocolate eclair from the freezer. Why do you do this πŸ’© to me?! 🀣

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  2. Yes the ice cream with the wooden spoon!!! Brings back sweet memories!! We even had them in little plastic baseballs with the wooden spoons when it was summer time! Enjoy your ice cream day!!

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  3. Your right Trace…how can you have a favorite when you like 10 plus different flavors and a back up list…ice cream is a moody treat…don’t get me wrong…if you offer this hawaiian ice cream it won’t matter the flavor and you’ll put a smile on my face…obviously I mist ice cream day…I would have thought Alissa would post about this cause she’s a ice cream lover…and she celebrates eating ice cream daily…it’s part of her diet 🀣🀣🀣

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