Surfing With the King

Good morning gang, by the time this is published I will have been on the beach for a couple of hours. I will get back to you and reply to comments, but it might not be until I get home later. Now, before my sister “screams” at me that she hates me…she really doesn’t, let me explain.

My church is having their annual surf contest. First of all, can we just talk about how cool that is? Every year, my pastor puts on a surf contest where all proceeds, after expenses, goes to a local charity. This year it is the Hawaii Food Bank. In the past we have made donations to women’s shelters and other organizations that need a little boost in donations. I love the idea of giving back in this way.

My pastor spent most of his career as a lifeguard and beach boy. He has saved lives, he has given surf lessons, he has put up umbrellas and set out beach chairs for the tourists. Sometime in the middle of all that, he became a christian and decided to go into ministry. But he never gave up his love of the ocean. That is why the contest began. He wanted to have something fun and also minister to the people who come down to the beach. On Sunday, we will have our church service right in the middle of the contest.

This will be my 10th. year in Hawaii and it will also be my seventh year involved with the contest. We lost the past two years, and I may have missed another year or two, but I love this outreach. My job is to take pictures for our social media and website and also do little things here and there as needed. I mainly run messages from the registration booth to the judges to the prayer tent…yep, we got one and people love to stop by and be prayed over, and to also find Pastor Dennis when needed. I have heard this may be the biggest year yet and we are totally stoked.

I remember my first year helping out. I had only been on the island a few months, but I totally threw myself into the preparations. Early in the morning, at sunrise, we were setting up the tents and one of the Aunties asked for my help. She wanted me to borrow a knife from someone and cut a sign that was too low so we could put it up higher. I went to my friend James and borrowed his. I was up on a ladder making the cut when the Auntie distracted me, and I cut my finger. It wasn’t bad, but it did need a little bandage. James felt so bad, because it was his knife. No reason for him to be upset; he didn’t distract me. From then on, I tried to stay away when she asked for help, LOL.

So, that will be my weekend, down on the beach at the surf contest. One of these days I need to actually learn how to surf so I can enter. (They do have a beginning heat for newbies) On Sunday night, we have the awards banquet. Good food, prizes and also a raffle to win a surfboard that somebody donated. The perfect end to a perfect weekend. Pray and send out good vibes that it doesn’t rain.

***Question for the comments…Have you ever been involved in a contest of any kind? What was it and did you have fun?

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9 thoughts on “Surfing With the King

  1. I have been thinking really hard and long and cannot think of any contest that I have entered. I would have thought I might have participated in a chili cook off or a baking contest of some kind but I never did… bummer … I have judged a costume contest but that is another story πŸ™ƒ

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