Would You Like to Play a Game?

Today is National Dare Day. Last week I looked up the June “holidays” to see if anything struck me as something I would want to write about or celebrate and this was at the top of the hit parade. They described it as more of a daring and adventurous nature. As in….do you like the thrill of adventure kind of day, but as soon as I saw the holiday, my mind immediately went back to those days of playing truth or dare. You remember playing that game, right?

O.k., just in case you have never heard of it, Truth or Dare is a group game. I guess you could play it with just 2 people, but it’s better with more people. You pick a person and ask truth or dare, then whatever way they choose, you either ask them a question they have to answer or give them a dare they have to perform. Sounds simple and it is, unless it’s your turn and you don’t like what you have to answer or do, depending on which option you chose.

I went straight to Wikipedia to look up the game of Truth or Dare and discovered that it has been around for a long time. There is mention of it as far back as 1712, as a Christmas party game known as “questions and commands”. It may go as far back as ancient Greece. They had a game called basilinda, which in Greek means king. They would pick someone to be “king” and then the king would point to someone and give them a command they had to perform.

I am not a big fan of “Truth or Dare”. There ends up being 2 outcomes to this game. Either it’s stupid and boring, because nobody is creative enough in their questions and dares. I mean, really, how many times can I be asked what my favorite color is or what teacher I hated the most or make a crank phone call? Or the questions are deeply personal, and the dares are well thought out and maybe a little dangerous. It didn’t matter which version showed up, just hearing the game suggested would make me cringe.

When it did come time to play this game, I always went for “truth” I would rather tell something embarrassing about myself than to do something gross, which is what normally makes up a dare when playing with teenage boys. You just never know what they are going to come up with. It’s hard with a bunch of girls too, because they can be very sneaky and mean when they want to be, and the questions may end up being way out of your comfort zone. This game was never a win-win situation, why did we even play it? How did we even think this was a fun thing to do? In my opinion, it was always lame.

What about you? Did you play “Truth or Dare”? Did you like the game? Did you hate the game? Which one did you normally choose when it was your turn? Let me know in the comments.

***Question for the comments…Let me know the answers to the questions I asked above. Did you think it was as lame as I did?

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