It’s Graduation Day!!

After seeing all the prom pictures on social, you know what comes next…graduation day. Everyone is getting fitted for their caps and gowns, there is excitement in the air to finally be done with school…or are you done?

In the past few years, I have seen the regular college graduations, high school graduations and even middle school graduations, but when did they start having graduation ceremonies for pre-school and kindergarten? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the kids look adorable in little caps and gowns holding their little certificates, but when did this become a thing?

Maybe this was always a thing, but since I went to Catholic School, I only had an 8th. grade ceremony before moving on to high school. I didn’t even go to my graduation, because I had to go to summer school for math. My parents let me go to Kings Dominion Amusement Park with my youth group instead. I figured I wasn’t getting an actual diploma that day, so why go? I can’t believe my parents actually went for it and let me go. Maybe they just didn’t want to be bothered having a party for the occasion, LOL.

My high school graduation was also a little bleh. Yes, I did graduate on time, just barely though. It was Biology that almost kept me from my diploma. I took it in 10th. grade and failed. Then, instead of doing summer school, I took it again my senior year. I was failing, again. I just hated it and the teacher was a real “winner” (insert sarcastic tone). He finally pulled me aside sometime near the end and told me he was going to pass me with the lowest passing grade possible. He told me if he didn’t pass me, he was afraid I would come back next year to bother him and chuckled a little. I guess he had a little bit of a sense of humor after all.

My parents were also on the verge of splitting up my senior year, so they didn’t even make it to the pre graduation ceremony the night before. It was a religious ceremony and remember, my graduating class only had about 88 people in it, so my missing parents were noticed. The graduation ceremony was a little better, because family came down, but it wasn’t really a highlight. I just wanted to be out of there, but I digress.

I just looked up Pre-K and Kindergarten graduations on Google and learned they have been around for a while, who knew? Maybe because I don’t have any kids of my own, it stayed under the radar. There is a big debate about whether they should have a ceremony or not. Some people claim that leaving these grades is no big deal, because it’s not even required to go to pre-school, so why make a big thing about it. Others say it’s good for children to experience milestones throughout their school careers because it builds confidence early on and keeps them excited about school. It got pretty heated on one of the Reddit feeds I looked at. I guess this will forever be a debate.

My conclusion on the subject after I did a little research? It’s cute and something fun for both the parents and the kids, so why not? I wish they would have done it for my kindergarten class, because I would have looked adorable in a cap and gown when I was six.

***Question for the comments…Did you or your kids have a Pre-School or Kindergarten graduation? Do you have an opinion on the subject either way? Let me know.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Graduation Day!!

  1. Ok…better late than never. I had a kindergarten graduation. Daddy bought me a little radio that looked like a TV. I had it for years, then it sonwhow got lost in one of a gazillion moves. Chaz and Emily both graduated from pre-school. Yeah, it’s cute, but as a former educator, I think all that crap about building confidence yadayadayada is just another excuse for everyone gets a trophy. There should be 3 graduations: 8th grade because going into high school is a big deal, high school because it’s high school, and college. Also for law school and medical school. I don’t go for graduation from just regular grad school. I didn’t even go to mine. “The Good Doctor” was getting his Psy.D. the same day, so, you know I was expected in Florida. Glad I’m done with them!

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    1. Crazy…I didnt know you had a kindergarten graduation…of course I wasn’t born yet, but still. Did I have one and forgot about it? Lol…it wouldn’t be the first time I forgot something about my childhood.


  2. High school graduation is enough…kindergarden is rediculous never had one for intermediate either although it would have been nice for like the end of the year potluck every year…

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