Are You Coke or Pepsi?

Where do you stand on the great soda debate? For generations these two companies have been duking it out for the top spot. Are you the choice of the next generation? Or are you in it for the real thing? People really get into this debate and stand by their choice like they are Custer at Little Bighorn making his last stand. So, my question to you is what is your go to soda choice?

It doesn’t really matter to me, I drink both. If you ask me if I want a soda, I will say yes and drink whatever you bring me. I love soda, any Pepsi or Coke product is fine with me. Just give me a can or bottle with bubbles and sugar inside and I am good to go.

Some people, however, are totally disgusted when you bring them the “wrong” one. I worked in the restaurant business for a long time, and I hated it when people ask if we had Coke or Pepsi. They would get personally offended if we didn’t have their choice. They would grumble and sigh and then tell me just water. I have had a few people actually ask me if I would go across the street to the store and buy them what they liked…can you imagine? I would smile politely and tell them, “Sorry, I can’t leave while I am working.” But inside, my head was exploding with a few choice words, LOL.

I wonder, does a person’s soda choice really have to do with the taste of the product or the marketing the companies use? We have seen it all when it comes to advertising. Catchy jingles, cool labeling and celebrity sightings continue to keep the battle raging. It gets to be a bit much after a while. Billy Joel said it best in his song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire”. The last line before he sings the chorus a few more times is “Rock and roller cola wars, I can’t take it anymore.” I agree with you Billy, but just like a horrible accident, we can’t look away.

There have been a few disasters when it comes to marketing from both camps. If you are of a certain age, you will remember the New Coke incident of 1985. They changed the formula, and it was…not good. There was such an uproar, that they went back to the old formula and called it Classic Coke, which is what we have today. New Coke tried to hang around, but it was eventually discontinued. And I am sure most remember the filming of the Pepsi commercial in 1984 when Michael Jackson’s hair and face caught on fire. The lengths these companies went through to win the war on soda…crazy. Remember the Pepsi Challenge? The blind taste test to see which product was better. I think a lot of people chose Pepsi in the test, but in the end more people chose Coke as the product to buy.

I will say this, soda is just great in general. It is cool and refreshing. It is perfect by itself or as a mixer. I enjoy the occasional Jack and Coke, it’s perfect together. Whichever one you prefer, please, when handed a soda that is not your normal beverage, just say thank you and drink it, it won’t hurt you to try something else. I said earlier that I drink both and that is true, but if I had to make a choice…I choose Pepsi. How about you?

***Question for the comments…Are you Coke or Pepsi? Why? What is your favorite soda commercial?

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13 thoughts on “Are You Coke or Pepsi?

  1. COKE. I took the blind taste test years ago and of course it was Coke. You CAN taste the difference. If I’m going to be polite (stop laughing! You too, Donnie), I will say I much prefer Coke. If I’m going to be me…you know exactly what I will say. That being said, I no longer drink Coke, unless I’m Jonesing really badly for days.

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  2. Well neither now. I’ve not had soda (or pop as it is called where I grew up) in about 15 years! But when I did drink it, I preferred Pepsi over Coke. It does taste different. The advertising didn’t sway me as honestly, I liked the Coke commercials better – LOL Especially the ones with the polar bears.

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  3. I don’t drink it anymore but back in the day it was Pepsi all the way!! I was born in Montreal where I think they gave it to us at birth. If you were French from Quebec you were actually called a Pepsi πŸ˜‚

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  4. Like you Soda is great…I don’t discriminate any brand…we grew up on RC…and I like all flavors…if no more coke then I’ll drink Pepsi or vice versa…not a big deal for me

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