Basket, Bonnet and Peeps

I was eating a Cadbury Chocolate Creme Easter Egg yesterday and thinking about the Easters we had when I was a kid. Mom took us shopping for the perfect outfit to wear, right down to the white gloves and white patent leather shoes. Every holiday was a big production and Easter was no different. I am happy to have all the memories from these special days and to still have a love of celebrating them.

We went through the traditional church services leading up to Easter, but I also went to see the Easter Bunny and have my picture taken. On Saturday night, we would dye Easter eggs. Mom would hard boil the eggs and mix the hot water and vinegar together in their individual cups and then let us drop the little dye tab into each one. After all the tabs had stopped fizzing and the colors were ready to go, it was time to get to work.

We each had a certain number of eggs we could dye. When I was very small, mine didn’t turn out so great. I wasn’t patient enough to let it sit in there and do its thing. Everybody tried to tell me, but I was stubborn even then. So, while my brother and sister had great colors and combinations, mine were still mainly white with the palest shade of color. I was still totally happy with them and yes, I got better as I got older…except I am still stubborn. When eggs were done, it was time to go to bed, otherwise the Easter Bunny wouldn’t come. That’s right…I said it…The Easter Bunny.

On Easter morning, we would rush downstairs and there would be 3 baskets full of candy and the eggs we dyed the night before. As a kid I believed the Easter Bunny brought the baskets, like Santa Claus brings the presents at Christmas. Now, I know it was my mom and I can appreciate the hard work that went into that.

First of all, she had to hide all the stuff to begin with, then after she finally got all of us to go to sleep, she got to work. The baskets were always full of candy. Jellybeans and malted milk balls tossed in loose, little chocolate eggs in colored foil and, of course, the chocolate bunny. My sister got a dark chocolate one, my brother got a milk chocolate one and I got my favorite…white chocolate. And before anyone says anything…yes, I realize that white chocolate is not technically chocolate because it does not have cocoa solids only cocoa butter, but it is a favorite and I bought myself one this year. O.K. let’s face it…I will eat just about every type of candy…except Peeps. They are a disgrace to marshmallows and colored sugar. They sound like they should be perfect, but they are not. I will eat a black jellybean before I eat a peep.

After seeing our baskets and trying not to let us get high off the sugar, it was time to get dressed and go to church…because, after all, that is what Easter is all about, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. Then it was back to the house to get cooking. I don’t remember all the yummy things that were made for dinner, but I will always remember the butter on the table was in the shape of a lamb. I always felt kind of sad when the first person dug into the butter, but I got over it quickly, because it was good.

As I get older, I still love to celebrate the holidays, but never in the way I really want to. There is never enough time, or I forget to do something or buy something. I never end up making the food I always say I want to or doing a certain tradition we always used to do. One of these days I will, but I have to remind myself that as long as I celebrate the most important thing about the holiday…Jesus, I am all good.

***Question for the comments…What were your Easter traditions growing up? Did you have the candy and dyed eggs or a specific meal you made? If you don’t celebrate Easter, do you celebrate another holiday this time of year? What is one of the traditions for that?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

18 thoughts on “Basket, Bonnet and Peeps

  1. You canNOT appreciate all the hard work Mom had to do because you never had to do it. Well…Maybe you can, since you were with me when I did Em’s baskets.
    I’ll never forget the year Ronnie Scalzo came to the beach for Easter. It was 1999. Liz and I went shopping for the kids and here she is buying Barbies and 💩. I always just did candy. Presents are for Christmas. However, I couldn’t just give my kids candy while she basically did Christmas in a basket. So…I spent waaay more than I expected or wanted to. Leave it to the freakin Scalzos. After that, they got just 1 gift and the rest candy.
    Fiatone! Always wanted to and never did until last year. And of course not this year. I usually buy myself 1 pack of Reese’s eggs, but again, not this year.
    I had to laugh when you started about the white “chocolate”. I agree about Peeps. They are an infamnia.

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  2. I am gearing up to prep for Easter tomorrow for the kids and your post made me smile. We do an Easter egg hunt and an Easter bunny trail with crepe paper trails and small gifts. So much work but it’ll be worth it in the end. Gotta trust the process, right?

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  3. I love the story about Easter! Yes, I was raised just like you! We must have had the same missionaries come into our State that taught our families about Easter☦️And the enjoyment for the kids🐇🐣🐥🌸🌺

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  4. Peeps should be renamed to creeps…hahaha…our tradition was everyone come to palolo, like an excuse to get together…14 grandkids from oldest to youngest eggs all over the yard… we were put in a holding area…(papa’s house) it didn’t matter if you peeked out the window…our parents hid like 8 dozen eggs not including the plastic ones with money or candy in it…from a dollar to 5 bucks…but there was the one golden egg possible 20 to 50 bucks…eventually the older kids graduated to hiding eggs and helping the great gran kids…I could eat boiled eggs with salt and pepper for days…in fact egg sandwiches are a favorite of mine

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      1. Yes and no…I got it once or twice but I always gave it to one of the younger ones who didn’t get there fair share of the regular stuff…I remember one year we hunting high and low and no one found the g-egg, till today I swear there was no egg they just said there was

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