Trolling For Coffee…I Got the Place for You!

You know I am all about the coffee, so if you are on the island of Oahu, I got the place for you. A little place in Waikiki in the Banyan Hotel on Ohua Street called Banyan Breeze. It is a small locally owned place with good coffee and food. I have been going there for almost 10 years since I first moved to the island.

A few months after moving here I finally settled into my own apartment on Ohua Street across the street from the Banyan Hotel. I was out of coffee, so I headed out towards the closest Starbucks when a lighted coffee cup sign caught my eye. I had to investigate and was totally stoked to see the small shop right across the street from my place inside the hotel.

I walked in, was greeted by the nice lady behind the counter and asked her what was good. She recommended the Haupia latte. I was still not familiar with a lot of Hawaiian words, so I asked what it was. She asked if I liked coconut and I told her I did, she smiled and said trust me. I put my morning caffeine in her hands, and she went to work. A few minutes later I was handed what can only be described as sweet nectar from the gods of coffee. Made with coconut creme, this latte became one of my regular morning pick me ups.

I became a regular at the coffee shop, by regular I mean a daily customer. I would roll out of bed, get myself together and head across the street for my morning jolt. After a while I got to know the owner and the people who work there. I started to try the breakfast sandwiches and bagels. All of it is yummy, especially the baked goods. They come up with all sorts of holiday treats and regular goodness. When you walk in early morning you can smell breads baking and see cookies cooling on a rack.

But breakfast is not the only time to go there. Looking for an early afternoon nosh? Head over for some quick lunch items and an iced coffee or soda. I have been known on occasion to be seen several times a day there. They have sandwiches and salads. I have seen quiche and they make this chicken salad that is amazing. The owner and employees really take care in what they make and how the place is run.

I always prefer to shop local when I can no matter where I am. Small shops are always better than big box type of places, in my opinion and I frequent these type of stores whenever I can. I mean, you can hit up a Starbucks or Walmart anytime, but take time to visit local places, it is always a better experience.

So, if you find yourself in Waikiki on vacation or you live on the island like me, stop in at the Banyan Breeze. Ask for the Haupia latte and tell Karen, John and Bree Tracie says hello. I don’t live across the street anymore, but you never know, you might find me there getting my coffee fix.

***Question for the comments…if you are a coffee drinker, where do you like to go? Do you prefer small local shops or the big bright chain coffee stores?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

10 thoughts on “Trolling For Coffee…I Got the Place for You!

  1. Starbucks is crazy expensive and bitter. Love Dunkin. I have the $, I just don’t blow it on coffee. Just got my Keurig, which I bought for years, and LOVE it! I can make iced coffee, and there are tons of k cups, plus my Universal. The only danger is chocolate syrup and whipped cream. With my Keurig and blender, I can even do my frappes. Yum

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  2. Brew my own. Love coffee. Drink it until early evening. Might have something to do with my insomnia. Been doing it for [fast finger-flexing count] over 50 years. Teletype warm, Mess Iodine. Roadtrip weak. Froo-froo only when there is no alternative. Spilled in my lap doing a U or J-turn to pursue violators. Cold from the thermos finally getting a break after 36 hours alert status.

    Coffee cameos In my blogs and short stories a lot. Make my own because I make good coffee. Black when I’m training. Splash of half-half when I’m not. Never, never, never any no or low-fat milk. If I must have milk it better be whole cow.

    Interesting story about a trip to Hawaii and a coffee shop there twenty-five or so years ago. Met a doctor there. Quite the character. Corresponded with hme more than fifteen years and hosted him in my house stateside more than once. His primitive house within eyesight of the volcano. Sadly, haven’ communicated with him in four or five years now.


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    1. I refuse to put anything other than half and half in my regular coffee. I havent been drinking coffee as long as you, but it has been over 30 years. I do think making it at home is the best, but I do love a good coffee shop ☕

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  3. Haupia latte…hahaha that so reminds me of the haupia cheese cake I asked you for!!! That coffee shop is great in the banyan thanks to you I got to experience it…I don’t discriminate local shops, big franchise, kurig, so long I get me a good coffee…mmmmm

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    1. 🤪 I was too new to the island to know that word, but you will never let me forget it, you scrub LOL. I do hit up all the coffee places, but local is still more fun.


  4. This is a wonderful place! You and Christina shared with me many years ago how wonderful it is. Sometimes I forget! I’m going after yoga Thursday! Lol

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