Do You Play???

Have you ever played those Facebook quizzes that pop up on the screen? You know the ones…”tap on a color to see your true mood”, “are you an empath?”, “what song from the 80’s defines you?”…you get the point. How about video games on your phone? Are you playing more games on your phone than anything else? It seems most people play on their phones all day long and I am just as guilty sometimes.

What is it about these quizzes that makes us want to see what defines us? We know they are not true answers, we know they really do not tell us anything about ourselves, yet we play all the same. When I play one of these things, I usually keep tapping again and again to see all the answers. Like the ones that show you what you were like as a kid. The pictures are usually little girls dressed up in Chanel looking outfits with sunglasses or looking like they are ready for a spa day with a towel around their head in a fluffy bathrobe or one of my personal favorites, the girl sticking her finger at her sister. Can’t they show a little girl just doing normal things? I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I was dressed in some hideous 70’s outfit running around playing outside or watching television. Not very glamorous, but it was real.

I know these things are purely for entertainment purposes, but for once I would like to see a normal response. If you really take the time to read all the answers that pop up by hitting the try again button you see that all the answers are basically the same. It’s the equivalent to a really bad fortune teller on the boardwalk. You know they are giving you generic predictions of your life, but you go and pay the money anyway. Although, one time my sister and I hit up the fortune teller on the boardwalk in Atlantic City and some of the things she told my sister were pretty spot on. Sometimes they get it right and I guess the quizzes do too.

One time I had a quiz tell me my prediction for 2021 and it said I would be married with 3 kids….ummmm….no, but another one said I was destined to live out my days on a beautiful island…yes, that one they got right. Of course I posted the beach one to my page. But here is a question, if you post the answers to your page are they the first answer you got, or, like me, do you keeping trying until you get one you like? I don’t do it all the time, but I have on occasion.

How about games? Do you play a lot of games on your phone? I only have Gin Rummy and a word search game on my phone, otherwise, I get too distracted and never get anything done. From time to time I do download Candy Crush to my tablet. I play it for a few days or a couple of weeks but then I get bored and uninstall it. I know people who have those games where you have to play every day to maintain their status and I really can’t be bothered to take the time to learn how to play. Remember when Mafia Wars was huge? I thought about playing, cuz you know, I like mob related things, but I knew it would take up too much of my time, so I didn’t. Good thing too, because I would have been obsessed with being a boss and winning only to have the game no longer available…would have made me mad.

These quizzes and games are silly and a little bit of a waste of time, but I will continue to play and hit the magic button to see the answers. Why? Because they are a little bit of a good distraction throughout the day. As long as I just play the one quiz and move on. Because if I keep scrolling and do more quizzes, I could spend a few hours doing nothing but that and then my day is wasted. I already make up enough distractions in my day to keep me from getting stuff done, I don’t need to add any more.

***Question for the comments…Do you play games on your phone, and do you play those quizzes on Facebook? Which game is your favorite, and do you keep tapping the button to see all the different answers to the quizzes?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

13 thoughts on “Do You Play???

  1. I was playing bubble blaze when this popped up. I have several games on my phone and only play when I’m watching TV. I need something to keep my brain occupied. As for those click things in FB, 9x out of 10, they get mine spot on. And that boardwalk lady was creepy. Aunt Val and I used to go to her once a year and she was always spot on. Like the time in 1992 she told me I’d be married by 2000. I was already married, until I git divorced and remarried in 1998!

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  2. I have a bubble match game and a dominos game on my phone at the moment. I’ve had others along the way, but end up deleting them. Now my tablet is another story – LOL As for the FB quizzes, most of them I ignore. Once in a while I do play and they are usually spot on for me. I don’t usually share the results unless I know it’s going to garner some laughs at either how accurate it is or at how absurd it is.

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  3. Kiddo, never have I played these kinds of games or spent time answering quizzes and such. Certainly not on the phone. Then, anyone can clearly see I’m not normal. I have been one occasion addicted to crossword puzzles. Not sudoku or the new craze, [what is it?] “wordle” but only one puzzle a day, usually NY or LA Sundays.

    I suppose it’s that as a kid in [though we did not know it at the time] a lower economic class i was always concerned I didn’t have such as a bleeding Madras button-down shirt, had to wear blue jeans to high school long before jeans were “cool” and tripping off to the soda shop after class was out of the question for lack of funds. Thought I was Rockafeller when I took a summer job making 50 cents an hour. Just learned there were some things important in life, and most things didn’t come up to the level of necessary or [maybe for that sole reason] desirable.

    Telephones to me have always meant trouble. Member when the phone rang, and it was LONG DISTANCE, it was Aunt Victoria from Blue Falls dispatching news Cousin Lenora passed unexpectedly? Then in the service, finally getting a break, getting “home” the phone would ring and everything was cancelled, no questions asked. As a civilian, my phone would ring at early-early thirty in the morning and it would be a computer operator with a disaster and if I couldn’t work through it on the phone, I’d be headed off to work to make repairs in person.

    I cannot now make the leap to consider cellphone != telephone. Nope, phones were never, and still aren’t toys. Sure, I can’t do without a cell phone, but it’s a tool, not a toy.

    None of which makes your piece any less interesting, any less a sparkling read. You did ask.

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    1. I love the answer to every one of my posts. Thank you for your insight to every subject. I love the viewpoint from your generation (don’t worry, I won’t say the B word to describe it, LOL. I know you hate that word) The cellphone is neccessary, but I do wish things were simple like before.

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      1. Don”t hate “Boomer.” I am. Boomer. I am male. I am ex-mil-and-more. To “hate” any of that would admit some kind of embarrassment. None for me, thank you. Sure, done some unproud now and again. Mostly though done proud, what I thought was right at the time. Boomer? Yup! Hate it? Nope. My badge. I earned it. I’m wearing it.

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  4. Yes I have to admit if I see a game pop up on a FB page and it seems fun, sometimes I play. I always look for the number that doesn’t belong on the busy chart! Lol

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