Run Late or on Time?

Do you tend to be on time for things or do you constantly run late? I am one of those that always likes to be on time, if not a few minutes early. I have been like that my whole life. I don’t know if I have fear of missing out on something that causes me to arrive everywhere on time or even earlier, but I have spent my entire life ready to go.

This may have something to do with my mother. She was late for everything. I remember when I was a teenager and singing in the youth choir watching her sprint down the side aisle every week after service had started. I would be in the choir loft minding my own business and there she would be for the whole church to see rushing in and sitting down in the front row. Of course, it had to be the first row, she couldn’t just sneak in and sit in the back. Nope, she had to put on a show. And then the Pastor would talk to her from the pulpit, which was even more mortifying. I think the only time she was ever early was the year we didn’t change the clocks for Daylight Savings Time on purpose and she ended up being an hour early for church.

Maybe I like to be early to help out with anything if needed. I don’t know how you feel about personality charts and astrological signs, but all of mine say the same thing. I need to be the thick of things, to be involved in just about everything. I always want things to run smoothly and for everyone to have a good time. I guess the charts don’t lie, Lol.

I think those are a few reasons I am an on-time kind of girl. I have also spent most of my life taking public transportation, which means if you don’t make a certain bus time, you are going to be late. So, I always catch the earlier one to make sure. I would rather be early for work, sitting around drinking coffee and chatting with people as they come in than rushing in, punching the clock and jumping into it without any preparation time. My brain needs to be in the right frame of mind before I deal with the job.

It’s funny, I am definitely a go with the flow girl, but this is one area that gives me a little bit of anxiety. If I even think I am going to be late for something I start to get nervous. Last year I was on the bus heading into work, and someone zipped around the corner, hit the front of the bus, jumped out of the car and ran away before we really knew what happened. I checked to make sure everyone was o.k. (It wasn’t too hard of a hit to the bus) and the next thing I did was call work to tell them I may be late because of the accident. I wouldn’t have been late because I caught an early bus and the next one would have gotten me there in plenty of time, but one of my first thoughts was not being late.

I do not understand being habitually late. If you are one of those people than lean towards always running late, I am not taking a shot at you, I know a lot of people who are always a few minutes late. I am just curious to know why. Do you just lose track of time? Are you always trying to do more things before you leave? Do you need a new clock? I am sure you are looking at me wondering if all my clocks are set a few minutes early and why I am so crazy about time.

The answer is…I have no idea why I am so crazy about time. I always have been, and I always will be, I guess. If we ever have plans to get together just know I will be on time. I can’t think of a single time I would want to be late for anything…except when the grim reaper comes looking for me. And when he comes looking, he will have the hunt of his life, because that will be the only time I choose to not show up on time.

***Question for the comments…Do you run on time or late? Any particular reason you lean towards one or the other?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

13 thoughts on “Run Late or on Time?

  1. The Devil was ALWAYS late. My theory is because of the attention she got. I hate being late. I also hate being early. So… I screw around until till I’m almost late then rush and end up being right on time, in the nick of time.

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    1. I like attention, but not that kind. I would probably rather be a few minutes early. Especially if meeting people at a place where we need to get tickets. I would want to be in line to make sure we got them.


  2. I hate being late. My mother is perpetually late as well. I do my very best to be either early or right on time. But I have learned that the sky won’t fall (despite my anxiety) if I’m late. I’ve also learned for for many, it’s a cultural thing. Drives me crazy especially when I was catering, but it is a very real thing, and they see nothing wrong with it.

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  3. Lol!! I feel attacked 😂😂😂 especially because we go to the same church and I’m always a couple of minutes late and sit at the front! Funny how we’re all blaming our moms. My mom got everywhere half an hour early and I vowed I would never!! For appointments and meetings I’m always on time but never early…never ever.
    And yes, the tardiness is from thinking there’s still plenty of time to do the million things on your list before walking out the door😂

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    1. LOL…I never even thought of you in church. That is because you don’t make a big scene coming in like my mother did. I think I don’t try to do a lot things before I go somewhere just so I don’t get too involved in something.


  4. Awe Tracie, I learn something about you every writing! I like to be early, I don’t have any idea why! Jimmy pushes me often because his sister was always late for every event; especially the Holidays 😢 I’m getting a little lazy as I grow older though!

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  5. My younger days I would try to be on time but would unfortunately be late…in my older days now though I find myself wanting to be early…early is good

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  6. Hmm, I’m not habitually one or the other however, I tend to lean on the late side. As Kelly said, it is usually because I think I can fit other things in before having to do something or be somewhere. Like James said, as I get older, I am actually trying to be earlier. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not, as I am sure you can attest to. I see the benefits, last time I wen to the doctor I was 10 min early and was called into the room even before my appointment time – that felt GREAT!!!

    One thing that does has always helped me to be mostly on time is something my mother did!!! And she DID set her clocks ahead! I will do that when I can. It’s a little harder now with all are smart devices 🤣 And my roommate won’t have it. A couple of weeks ago, the power went out while she was gone, I set the clock one min ahead… she hasn’t noticed yet 🤣

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