Huge Fan of Mob Films

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“I believe in America.” In my opinion this is the best opening line to any movie I have ever seen. I am, of course, talking about the opening scene of “The Godfather”. I have been rewatching all three “Godfather” movies this week, because 50 years ago this week the first one hit the cinemas. But let’s be real, I usually watch them once a year anyway, because I have a deep love for mob movies and television shows.

I am not quite sure when this started. I know I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of violence when I was a young kid, but I did watch old black and white movies with my mother and so I am going to say that my first gangster type of movie was “Angels with Dirty Faces” starring Jimmy Cagney. I loved that movie and all Jimmy Cagney movies since then. But as I got older and was able to watch other movies, my obsession grew.

Not obsession in a creepy way. I mean, I don’t have pictures all over my walls of mob related things, but I can recite a good portion of these movies by heart, and I do throw a good reference or two into conversation if it fits. (And it always fits, Lol) I don’t know for sure what drives me towards these movies. I am not going to be stereotypical and say it’s because I am Italian, because I know a lot of Italians who do not like mafia movies, but maybe for me that does have something to do with it.

I can relate when they show the families in these pictures. I mean the actual families, wives and kids, not the business family. These guys came home and ate dinner and hung out with their kids just like anyone else. An excellent example of this is the television show “The Sopranos”

I resisted “The Sopranos” when it first came on television. I was sure it was going to be cheesy and overdone, and I wanted no parts of it. A friend of mine at the hotel I was working at gave me the video tapes of the episodes she had taped and told me to just give it a try. I think this was the first time I had binge watched a show, I was hooked. The interaction between the husband and wife and kids was spot on with the Sunday dinner and school recitals and sports. The only difference…Tony just had a different type of job than most dads have. His home life looked like any other middle upper-class existence.

There are so many movies in this genre that are excellent. Even though I own a good majority of them, if I am flipping around on the t.v. and one is on, even with commercials, I will watch it. And then, usually I will call my sister and we will watch it together 6000 miles away, usually saying the lines and cracking up. But our lives are just one big movie reference anyway, LOL.

There are a lot of things I have not seen that are on my list that I have to get around to and at the top of the list is “Boardwalk Empire”. I hear it is fantastic, but anything with Steve Buscemi is going to be. I also want to see the Gotti movie with John Travolta. I heard it was horrible, but come on, that makes me want to see it even more to see how bad it really is. And then compare it to the Gotti movie with Armand Assante, which was really good.

Mafia movies will always be a big part of my movie watching. If there is nothing else on…I go right for them. In fact, I am going to leave you now to pick up where I left off on “Godfather 2″ last night. Don’t worry though…”It’s not personal, this is strictly business.” I will be back on Monday.

***Questions for the comments…Do you like mafia movies and television shows? If you do, which one is your favorite and why? If you don’t, tell me why. I am always interested in different opinions.

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6 thoughts on “Huge Fan of Mob Films

  1. An interesting read and justification. These kinds of flicks don’t do much for me, sorry. Odd, since I so like the likes of Chandler, Spillane, Parker, McBain, yadda, yadda, will watch Maltese Falcon [or any of Boggie’s flicks] every time a bowl of popcorn demands attention, and have written [I believe] some good tec, crime, and spy noir in my time, Good write. Catch you later

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    1. I have not really gotten into that bunch, but I will have to give it a try. Yes, popcorn is a must. And I have enjoyed reading what you write. I have to dig into your past blogs to read more when I get the chance.

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  2. Well, I’m not much into mob movies … Married to the Mob is the only one that comes to mind and I only saw that once. But, you reminded me that my favorite James Cagney movie is “One, Two, Three”. I love the humor in it! I have seen lots of old movies and do agree the Bogie movies are the most similar that I know. Not sure of the reason… I’m gonna blame my mother 🤣

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