Bring Them Home…a Piece of Fiction

O.k. gang, I am jumping into foreign territory here. I write a little bit of fiction now and then. It is usually taken from a writing prompt that I find on Pinterest, and I take the idea and just write whatever comes into my head and when I get to the bottom of the page I stop. I don’t do this every day, but I should. I don’t edit it either, it is kind of like free flowing fiction…it is what it is. So today, I thought I would share with you one of those snippets that I wrote awhile back. The only person I read this to is my sister; I normally don’t share my fiction, because I am a little afraid of the outcome. But, writing is about being vulnerable, so here goes nothing.

“Bring them home…all of them…”


“All of them”

The conversation was quick and to the point, there was nothing else to do but obey her wishes. She gave that cool, steely gaze that means do it or else. It could be frightening. But, in the next breath she was smiling and handing me the money for the three trips I would have to make.

The first two would be the easiest, only because they were the closest, only 2 hours to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but the third would take forever, 6000 miles away. The youngest lived on a beautiful island and stayed away from all the family nonsense. She chose it on purpose because she had to get away. She hadn’t been home to see her siblings in almost 10 years, and it had been 14 or more years since she had been here in this house.

None of them came back here at all. They all had demons from their past and they would like to forget. The three of them had moved on, but they didn’t forget; they couldn’t forget. And neither could She.

O.k., but where to go to first? The farthest one, get it over with and maybe get a tan in the process. This wasn’t going to be pretty. I don’t know who I feared the most: the loud one who was the oldest, the introspective middle one or the youngest, who just didn’t care about anything that happens?

Damn, it was going to be hell, but the “Queen” had spoken, and it was time to bring her adult children back to her to face the consequences of ALL their behavior…

…So, there you go. A little glimpse into a fiction piece I wrote. I am thinking of turning it into a short story, but I have not made up my mind yet. Now that I got up the nerve to post it, I think I will start to incorporate more fictional pieces onto the blog. They will be short, like the one above based on writing exercises. I hope you enjoy them.

***Question for the comments…what is your favorite type of fiction? And who is your favorite author of fiction?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

12 thoughts on “Bring Them Home…a Piece of Fiction

  1. Yes’m. Go with it. You didn’t ask me to elaborate, so I won’t.

    My fave? Dic or spy-noir. Spoofing with humor, if I can manage it. Mostly conversation. Minimal narrative. Oh? You meant my favorite fiction to read. Easy. Dic or spy-noir. Parker. Kaminsky, Evanovich, Chandler, Hammett, Grafton. McBain/Hunter. Kamninsky and Parker for their versatility. When I want to escape, I don’ want to dilly-dally.

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  2. Sounds like you talking about you your brother and sister you being the farthest away off on an island…please are you sure this is fiction? Hahaha

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  3. I like your fiction writing! Hmm, I have two favorite types but can be roped into reading almost anything! Historical romance fiction and Mysteries. Agatha Christie is the go to for mysteries. I enjoy Karen Kingsbury, Jane Austen and Nicolas Sparks for general romance!

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