Those Roller Rink Days…

In the past few weeks 2 different friends posted about roller skating on their social media feeds and each time it popped up on my feed it took me back. Let me say this right away, so there are no mistakes…I am not a great skater. I couldn’t do all the fancy moves, I couldn’t skate backwards, okay, I will admit it, I could barely get around the rink without touching the rail at least once, but I had a great time.

It didn’t matter that I wasn’t very good at it, for some reason I was less self-conscious back then. I had no shame stumbling around and looking ridiculous on the floor. I did, however, stay off the ice. I tried ice skating a few times and it was a disaster and I hate to have my feet freeze. Anyway, getting back to the roller rink.

We used to spend Saturday afternoons there. We would have just enough money for the skate rental, to get in, some snacks and video games. So, there we were a bunch of 12 years olds eating pizza, drinking soda and playing Pac Man and Space Invaders and listening to the music. And then a really good song would come on and you would hear the D.J. announce an all skate, this is an all skate and off we went to get out on the rink. Being 12, we would sing really loud and giggle and probably get in everyone’s way, but we didn’t care.

The song would end and then the D.J. would announce it was ladies’ choice. Oh man, this was a little embarrassing. If you asked a boy to skate and he said no, then you wouldn’t want to see him skating with someone else, so you either hid in the bathroom or went for a snack. I found a way around this. I usually hung out with more boys than girls, so I kind of knew who the boys liked already. If those girls weren’t there that day, then I would plan the skate ahead of time. It didn’t always work to my advantage, so yes, there were times I would go hide until the song was over.

Ladies’ choice to me was always worse than couple’s skate. If you were not part of a couple, then a boy may come up and ask you to skate. No big deal because this is when the girls all got together to chat. So, if you weren’t asked, at least you wouldn’t be sitting there alone. We would all sit there together and wait the song out and then it would be an all skate again.

Usually, the lights were low and the place a little dark, until a really fast song came on and then the colored lights would shine, and they would spin around in crazy patterns. The place would just explode. Everyone was out on the wooden floor for those songs. Even though I was not a good skater I would move my arms around like I was dancing as I made my way around the rink. I remember feeling pretty proud of myself, thinking I was cute and all that. I probably looked like an idiot…oh well, who cares now. Lol!

We would be there for a couple of hours and then it was time to go. You hand in your skates, put your shoes back on and head out into the bright sunlight to wait for your ride. We didn’t go every week like some kids did, but we were there enough, and it was perfect.

I wonder if there are any roller rinks still open on Oahu. I wonder if there is, if I could get any of my friends to go with me. Hmmmm, I doubt it, but it would certainly be a good time…that is until I try to look cute “skate dancing” and fall down and break my leg or hip. I guess some things should just stay in the past.

***Question for the comments…Did you like to go roller skating? How good were you? Could you do all the fancy stuff or were you like me?

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6 thoughts on “Those Roller Rink Days…

  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 when we were little we street skated. I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do all the moves, but I could get from Millick to Karen’s in one piece. Only did the roller rink thing with Charlie and only when I was forced to. Instead of saying it was beyond stupid, I’ll be mature and say it wasn’t for me.
    As for ice skating…NO. A) I hate being cold B) I have weak ankles. (stop laughing Donnie!)
    If you find a rink open on Oath, and you can get the boys there, TAKE VIDEO!! 😁

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  2. I loved to skate! I could see the roller rink from my house. I skated Wednesday, Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon. One year for Christmas I got my own skates. My Grandma bought me a lavender sweater and a white poodle like skirt with lavendar rick rack and fur around the bottom and lavender satin lining. I bought lavender and white pom poms for my new skates. I was so excited to go show off. Lol. I did skate backwards and forwards. Like you, we did a lot of hanging out and talking about or with boys. When I wasn’t roller skating, I was swimming.

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    1. I can see that outfit now…awesome 💜💜💜 I would have been there all the time too if we lived that close. I had my own skates when we lived in southern california for a while, but they were outdoor skates nit meant for the rink


  3. When Daune, Jill an I were kids we started with those damn metal wheel skates…I swear the skate board I had came with clay wheels and ball bearings…we were like Val we steet skated…at first we skated in the garage up palolo and eventually he’ll just skate on the dirt and grass in the yard as well…but then roller world opened up near ward Ave and king street…that just got added to the list of fun things to do, we had castle park. In the castle was all video games in the back of the castle there was water flooms, a go-cart track, and a batting cage…roller world had a big o rink with disco lights, a crazy snack bar slash malt shop…which reminds me our parents took us a couple of times to Blaisdell arena to watch roller derby, that was great! Those activities really kicked it up a notch from the normal beach or movies kinda deal…daune and Jill were really good at doing some fancy moves…I was ok with crossing over on turns and skating back words…you gotta love those front knows for foot brakes too…hahaha that is a great blast from the past

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    1. Omg…finally I have written about a memory from childhood that you did too. I was waiting for the you to tell me you never went skating. Castle Park sounds cool. Roller Derby sounds like it would be cool. I could barely do the crossover thing while skating, but I did get faster at it so I wasnt in everyone’s way. Great memories James 🤙


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