Candy and Flowers and Cards…Oh My

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is that holiday where you show someone you love them. You go out and shop for cards, pick up some flowers maybe, chocolate is always a good idea, but you should tell the people you care for that you love them more than just once a year…just saying.

I remember being in elementary school and buying the boxes of small valentine’s cards that you gave out to your classmates. You remember them, they had Snoopy on them or Strawberry Shortcake. (I know, I know, my age is showing, LOL) I would sit home the night before and write them out. I always made sure I gave one to everyone in the class. Back then it wasn’t a requirement like it is now, but I was a friendly kid and never wanted anyone to feel left out. I do remember writing thanks for being a friend on some, you know, so the icky boys wouldn’t think I actually liked liked them. I would go to school and pass them around. Some mom would bring in cupcakes which we loved, but the nuns hated because we would be jacked on sugar all day.

As I got older and began having boyfriends (not real boyfriends, but the kind you just hang out with in middle school), Valentine’s Day became stressful. Do you give them a card? Will they give you something? What if they think it’s stupid? Middle School is awkward enough without throwing cupid into the mix. When High School rolled around my gang of girls would take off to the mall to shop, looking for the “perfect” gift at Spencer’s. It was the 80’s, so Spencer’s was the place to be. If you knew the boy’s favorite rock band, then you could buy him a pin to go on his backpack or maybe a Velcro wallet. We would agonize over the decision and hope we made the right choice.

As adults, Valentine’s Day usually means going out to dinner. As a former server, let me give you a piece of advice…don’t do it. Valentine’s day in the industry is known as amateur night. If you normally go out to eat this does not apply to you, because you know how to act. But everyone who never wants to go out picks this one day and they descend on the restaurants not knowing what they are doing, and it gets really stressful. They try to show off and act like they know, but they don’t. So instead of getting great service from a place you always go to, you may end up with a server who is going stir crazy because people are yelling at them because their well-done steak isn’t on the table 10 minutes after they ordered. I am having flash backs just talking about it. If you do go out to eat, take a look around and you will see what I am talking about. It is entertaining, just not at the moment it is happening. But, like I said, if you eat out a lot, the word amateur does not apply to you.

Neil and I really don’t do the whole Valentine’s thing. We have exchanged cards and picked up some candy, but I really don’t need this holiday to know how he feels. We do things for each other all year long. Having said that…I still want some chocolate. I told him this morning that he better bring me at least a candy bar, LOL.

Anyway, however you choose to celebrate this day, remember to tell people how you feel all year long and take the time to show them in little ways. That’s where the magic of love comes in…the small everyday acts, not just a big grand gesture once a year.

***Question for the comments…do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it big or small? What is your favorite kind of Valentine’s Day treat?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

17 thoughts on “Candy and Flowers and Cards…Oh My

  1. Valentine’s Day. My patron saint. I did not know until yesterday that we celebrate with candy and flowers a guy who was beaten with clubs, stoned, and beheaded.. nice, huh? ANYway, V Day is more to me and Bill than just the dumb ass Hallmark holiday. It’s the start of our relationship. We were both at school and we wanted to talk so we decided to “chaperone” the dance. Then a year later, we got engaged on Valentine’s day. Even so, we’re not really into the whole “Hallmark says you have to do buy me flowers and candy.” thing. His love language is doing things, so he waits on me hand and foot, even when I feel he does too much. But I let him because it makes him happy. The words flow out of my mouth several times a day. I also do all the jobs he hates, so he doesn’t have to. If you can’t SHOW your significant other your feelings on daily basis, the cards, flowers, and candy don’t mean anything.

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  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Neil! I agree with you, love all the time!!

    And so funny on “thanks for being a friend” code for I don’t like you like that 😂

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  3. Happy Valentine’s Day Tracie & Neal 💓❤️ I appreciate the restaurant discussion! We usually go off for the day. If not, Jimmy picks a beautiful 🌺 out of our yard. Sometimes I get candy! Yes, we know and tell each other how much we care for one another all year; it doesn’t have to be big! A lot like you and Neil!

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  4. I have never been “into” Valentine’s Day. I’ve always sort of resented that there is a designated day to say I love you to a partner or friends. Every day should be that day. Having said that, I did take this day, to send out an ecard to some really great peeps in hopes of starting their day off with a chuckle and a smile. Hope it’s a great day for you and Neil.

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  5. Ahh Valentine’s day! I used it as a teaching moment for my boys. I would make dinner and then decorate the table extravagantly in red, with a plethora of candles and candy hearts and V-day stuff. Just to give my boys ideas of how they may want to woo a girl one day not just on this day but whenever the desire would arise. Maybe … one day. But, I would agree, absolutely no restaurants on this day 😄

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  6. I was thinking of getting a red rose for Jana when I met her for dinner…then I decided I’ll wait for one of those ladies with flowers to show up and get her one of her choice…when the lady came near our table Jana leaned over and told me don’t even think about it I’m having a great time…so there you go!!!

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