Football…Who’s a Fan?

I am a fan of football…well fan-ish I should say. Let me start by saying I am talking about American Football for all my international readers, I do like soccer, as we call it here in the states, but that’s not the subject today.

Things are starting to gear up for the Super Bowl, teams are being eliminated and we are getting close to the final big game of the season. My team, unfortunately, is out of the running, no big surprise there, but we continue to cheer them on win or lose as only my city can. We are known for being a little bit crazy about our devotion to our sports teams…we’re famous for it, it’s a total love/hate relationship. Fans have been known for throwing things on the field and actually booing Santa Claus. I understand the throwing thing, but I totally had a problem with the booing; I hope they all got coal in their stockings that year. Yep, that’s right, I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Like I said, I am fan-ish about football. I want my team to win, I check the score constantly when they play and I wear the gear (yup, that’s me in the pic), but I cannot tell you who the players are or the stats of my club through the years. I can’t watch a game by myself, because I personally think watching sports alone is boring…yeah, I said it, LOL. I also can’t watch a game with my sister…let’s just say she gets a little vocal when the game isn’t going in the right direction. (She’s not even allowed to watch hockey, but I digress…)

I love to watch games on television with a group of people and I have been to a few games in person, which is always the best way to watch, in my opinion. I get caught up in the vibe of the crowd and start screaming and cheering (or booing if it’s called for, the game, not Santa…I haven’t thrown anything, yet.)

I was working at a hotel in Baltimore and the movie “The Replacements” was being shot in town. Do you remember the movie? Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves? About football? Anyway, we were invited to the set to be in the stands during a football game, because the film stayed at the hotel. Yes, it was supposed to be Washington D.C., but it’s always cheaper to film in Baltimore, so we were at Ravens stadium. Once filming starts you are not leaving until it over. We were there all night. That was the last time I was in a football stadium.

Living in Hawaii, I am fascinated about the teams people cheer for. On the mainland, we typically root for the team in our city or the closest team to where we live. An example of this is New Jersey. They do not have a team of their own, so generally South Jersey supports Philly teams and North Jersey supports New York teams. Here in Hawaii, all the teams are represented for many different reasons. The stories behind the choices can be anything from being a west coast team, because they are the closest to us or because of a certain player from the past…the reasons are endless, and I like hearing the why.

I will not be watching the Super Bowl this year. I used to watch it every year with friends, but I don’t find the commercials as great as they used to be and the half-time shows…eh…not interested. If somebody great is playing at half-time I can always watch it on You Tube. So, for me, the season is over. But when August comes, and the pre-season games begin look for me on social. You will see me posting about my team, wearing the gear and yelling “Fly, Eagles, Fly” even though I won’t know the names of the players I am rooting for. Like I said…fan-ish.

***Question for the comments…are you a football fan? What is your favorite team and why? Are you a big fan or fan-ish like me?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

24 thoughts on “Football…Who’s a Fan?

  1. 🎶Fly Eagles fly…
    On the way to vic-tor-y
    Fly Eagles fly
    Score a touchdown 1-2-3
    Hit ’em low
    Hit ’em high
    And watch our Eagles fly
    Fly, Eagles, Fly
    On the way to vic-tor-eee
    Bill said my fan score is 7-8 outta 10
    I concur
    Get rid of Cox, Hurts, and bring back Foles. But I do love me some Jason Kelce!
    And I’m not loud 🤣🤣
    RUN YOU +;!\=\=&=* RUN
    And do NOT mention me and hockey. Our Flyers stink!

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  2. For the last few years I’ve been a Buffalo Bills fan by association. My husband and both sons are huge fans and have been for years. Last night was beyond heartbreaking 💔

    I’m more of the underdog fan. The year that everyone was hating on Richard Sherman because of his over zealous interview I was rooting for him all the way!! The win was fabulous! As for hockey, I’m like your sister. And for those reasons I gave it up 😂

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  3. I love to watch Football! Probably because my husband and daughter loves Football! Since I’m from Georgia, I love the University of Georgia and now the National Championship Winner! Kelly, my daughter is an alumni of this school and Jimmy and I worked with the Red Cross at the games. I also am a fan of Tom Brady with Tampa Bay! They lost last night. I have followed him from the Broncos and now TB! They are out now for the Super Bowl Playoff and I’m now rooting for the Kansas City Bangels!

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    1. Hey Judy – Did you say you followed Tom Brady from the Broncos to see if anyone was reading what you wrote ??? Since he never played for them… and were you also testing us with the Kansas City Bengals which in reality is two teams, either the KC Chiefs or the Cincinnati Bengals ??? 😂 I’m a stickler for details but definitely in the less than fan-ish category 😬 Read farther down to see my team 🙂


  4. Fly Eagles Fly. Our kids came home from the hospital in Eagles onesies. We have an Eagles fan wall in our house. We even got Swoop wings for the kids they wear during games.

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  5. I used to watch football with my Dad. Although I am from Ohio and there are two teams there, I always liked Pittsburgh Steelers. I don’t watch any of it anymore. Since I am older I think paying men millions of dollars to run up and down a field after a ball when we have so many people homeless and hungry is sinful. My opinion.

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  6. Hey Tracie… I am definitely a football fan-ish if even that. I do support a team… it’s the first pro football stadium that I ever set foot in. I like the history and nostalgia of the team with its city and my dad is from there so I feel good to call them my team. However, I don’t watch many games in any given season. I don’t know the current players or any stats (except they are the only city to own their team) All that being said, I did see them for the first time in person this last Sept … yes pandemic and all !!! That’s right, you guessed it… I am a cheese head 🙂

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