Pets…Yay or Nay?

Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, fish, snakes, tarantulas, birds…most people have had a pet at some point in their lives…they are good for the soul. I have not had a pet since I was 18. We grew up with dogs until I was 6, then we had Siamese cats, but when my mother and I had to move to an apartment building that didn’t allow pets, my grandmother came to the rescue and took them in. Since then, I have not had any pets.

I love animals, I really do, but through the years I couldn’t see myself having one. I worked a lot, was out a lot so it wouldn’t have been fair to have one. I do have a lot of good memories…

We had a black dog named Midnight when I was a baby in Philadelphia. He would run away and end up on the other side of town and someone would have to go get him. When I was 5, we got as beagle for Christmas and named her Kringle. Well, she ended up with puppies and we had to give them all away. Not quite sure what happened to Kringle, my memories on some things are not the best.

That was the end of dogs for us, and my mother got us a Siamese cat we named Jason…don’t ask me why we named him that, I have no idea. Then it was decided Jason needed a companion, so Mia was brought home. Mia was a strange cat that was unhinged from the start. She would hide under things and not come out. When we tried to get her, she hissed at everyone. In time it was decided she was not a good fit for the family and my mother put her in a carrier to take her back so she could go to another good home. The story goes that by the time my mother got to the vet or the animal rescue or wherever she took her, Mia looked like she was in shock and almost stiff as a board. It took everything in Mom’s power to convince the people that we did nothing to harm her. Although, she might have been in shock before my mother took her away. Hmmm…maybe my brother or sister can clear that up in the comments. Poor Mia, I hope she ended up in a good home.

Thai came next. He was named that because Siamese cats come from Thailand. Well Jason and Thai got along great for the most part. They were indoor cats and never went outside. The only problem with that was when Jason would see a strange cat on the patio…he would go into fight mode. His fur would be up, and he would start hissing at the cat behind the glass. Poor Thai knew he better run for his life, because eventually Jason would realize he couldn’t get outside and would turn on the only cat he could get to.

I had fish for a while. Had the tank in my room on top of my dresser. I don’t remember what kind they were or why I even wanted them, but what I do remember is walking into my room one day to see one of my fish flopping on the floor and Thai on top of my dresser with his paw in the tank trying to grab the others with the mesh cover half off the top. That was the last time the cats were allowed in my room.

Neil has been talking about wanting a Tibetan Mastiff and keeps sending me pictures of them. They are big and furry and yes adorable, but we have no space in our small apartment for Bruticus, (yes, he has already named his imaginary dog). He keeps saying I can take him for a nice long walk and if I get tired…well I can just ride him home LOL…um…no. If we had the space and a yard, then yeah, I would be ready to own another pet. In fact, I told him we could have 2 and I would name the other one Guido. My mistake, because now, he keeps talking about them like we already own them. So, if you know anyone who has Tibetan Mastiffs for sale…keep your mouth shut and don’t tell Neil, LOL, because one day I may come home and find a puppy on my bed.

Like I said, I love animals and I have a lot of good memories of the ones we owned in the past and who knows, maybe the time will come when I have one again. For now, I will just enjoy other people’s pets and watch Neil like a hawk to make sure he doesn’t do anything sneaky.

***Question for the comments…Do you like pets? What was your favorite pet and why? If you could own any animal, what would it be?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

12 thoughts on “Pets…Yay or Nay?

  1. You forgot Sam the Basset Hound! He would pee every morning at Nan’s right in the archway between the living room amd dining room and God help the person who was awake first and stepped in the pee puddle in their bare feet. And what about Brandy? I was sleeping over at Karen’s for one night, came home and a Treglown was in our backyard washing her. I asked, “What is that?!” She said, “Your new dog.” Yet another stray “Lucy” took in.
    Donnie and I had fish, too. Betas. We each had one and had to keep them in separate tanks. One day, mine ended up in Donnie’s tank and ate his fish. Don’t ask me how THAT happened! 😉
    My favorite pet? George. My St. Bernard. I loved my 2 cats, too, but George was my baby. When we buy a new house, we’re getting 2.

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    1. Couple of things:. Sam peed between the kitchen and dining room, same spot, every morning.

      Brandy came into the family because she followed Kenny and I home from Woodland Ave. One day when it was raining. No tags so, we kept her

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  2. Do I like pets??? If you know me at all, then you already know the answer to this one! I’ve had a plethora of pets through the years, but if I had to pick…for a childhood pet it would have to be Cleo my Dachshund. She was the absolute sweetest dog I’ve ever come in contact with. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was 18 or 19 years old when she passed. As an adult, my favorite (shhhh, don’t tell my current two this), it would be Zachariah. He was a mini black cat (house panther LOL), that was just a sweet, sweet boy. Unfortunately kidney disease took him at the age of 13 years.

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  3. You know I have a fur baby. I love him so much. I have had lots of pets. My first pet was a dog named BoBo. I was very little. Don’t remember what happened to him. Then I had a parakeet named Frosty. He came from my cousins because they were afraid of him because he liked to They were probably 2 and 3. He would squawk and wake me up every morning for school. When he passed I and the neighborhood kids had a proper burial for him in the backyard. A shoebox served as a casket. Over the years I had several dogs. Peanut, Ralphie, Cherie, King, Timber, Bud, and then my 3 Yorkies, Rocky, Maxi and Sheba. Just had to do a little brain exercise there. Lol. I also had a few cats. I don’t remember the first ones name because I didn’t keep it long. It clawed up my brand new sofa. Then there was Pete and Pricilla. They were part Siamese. Heathcliff was my last cat. Briefly had a racoon we named Ben. We were living in an apartment. No place for a racoon. Had him the same time as the first cat. I have a hilarious story about those two. Of course I had some gold fish and a turtle. I also had a Beta fish. He was very beautiful. So yea to pets.

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  4. Currently I have 2 dogs…part pit bull but lanky…their brothers and their both hunters…Ku, and Kiai…you let em loose and their gone! And when they hunt they’ll chase anything…cat mongoose, chicken…I think their favorite is 🐖…so we were taught pets belonged outside…no pets allowed but fish was an exception…I kinda hate cats

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  5. Well, I do like cats! A lot! And it’s a good thing because my mom had quite a few when I was growing up! We had Ming and Toby (brother and sister black cats), Simon and Simone the Siamese (yes Tracie, my mom liked them too) (also brother and sister) (ok Simone was my favorite- I connected with her through my awkward teenage years and yes, I even had my senior picture taken with her!!!), then Charlie (I got to name him! – perhaps after Charlie Chaplin, perhaps not!) (he was the funniest cat, such a character – he was a Chocolate point Siamese and greeted all our friends at the front door when my sister and I were in high school – so we called him the butler!) Then my mom switched to Abyssinians and we received Ares and Athena into our humble home… It’s a blast having pets but I agree that there is a time and a place for them that is best, not when you have a small place or you want to take time to travel. 😉

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