Two Months In…The Blog…How Goes It?

Hi gang, I am stoked that my blog is 2 months old. I am totally enjoying the experience and can’t wait to see where it’s going to go from here. I have a lot of ideas for content, and I will be starting a course this week to learn how to make the most out of The Squiggle Line Cafe. Thank you for making it a great time with your comments. I respond to every comment posted and I am hoping for more dialogue in the future. I know it takes some time to build an audience, so instead of being inpatient (which, I can be at times), I am digging every small milestone I hit and seeing my small personal goals being met. Thank you to everyone who is here right now; it means a lot to me.

O.k., now my question to you is this…what do you want to see here? I am open to writing on just about any topic, so if you want to see how I handle a theme given to me, let me know. Ask me a question and I will write a post on it. I am keeping this a clean space, so if anyone comes at me sideways with a racy subject…sorry, can’t do it LOL. (oh…and still no politics please)

In 2022, I am doing a couple of things and I was wondering if anyone has any interest in hearing about it. I am starting a fitness and clean eating program, which means me actually cooking more at home. I thought about posting my progress every month. If anything, it will be a laugh to see my attempts at being an at home chef. I am also going to go through the bible this year, from Genesis to Revelation. I was thinking about occasionally posting my thoughts on what I am learning. Does that sound like something you would be interested in hearing?

Like I said, I have a lot of ideas for content, but I don’t want to miss out on other suggestions. The Squiggle Line Cafe is exactly what it says, meaning it can go anywhere and be about anything. And just a heads up if you see this space looking a little different…I will be including some ads. I have been reading about different ways to draw income from a blog and that is one of the ways given. But please, if that’s not your kinda thing, just pass them by. I didn’t want to throw you off guard by not telling you.

I will keep the 3 days a week post schedule. If I plan on changing that I will let you know. Continue to be on the lookout for it on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays around 8-ish in the morning Hawaiian time. (sometimes earlier, if inspiration flows quickly)

I love to write and would probably still be doing this even if nobody read it, but I am so happy you are reading it. You are helping me make my dream of being a full-time writer come true, and I thank you.

***Question for the comments…What would you like to see me write about? Any thoughts or suggestions for the future of the blog?

***Please subscribe, like, comment, repost and share with a friend. Thanks for being here.


Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

15 thoughts on “Two Months In…The Blog…How Goes It?

  1. I have SEVERAL ideas but none of them are Squiggle Line appropriate! 🤣. Whatever you wanna write about is okay dokay with me (but you know that already)

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  2. Happy 2 months! I enjoy your blog, and part of why I enjoy it is because it gives insight into YOU. At the same time, I understand wanting to connect with your audience. I agree racy & politics are out, I get enough of that as it is. I really want to hear of your foray into the world of cooking – LOL You know that has always been a passion of mine. Thoughts as to things that strike you as you read through the Bible are always interesting as well. Regardless though, I’ll be reading your blog and perhaps gaining inspiration was I walk through my daily life as well.

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  3. Congratulations 🎉 Two months already!! When I see Squigglelinecafe pop up in my email, I feel like a little kid at Christmas! I can’t wait to open my email and see what’s inside. I always know it’s going to be something fun, magical and entertaining. I also love how you take us back with your “Remember when” stuff lol. Your posts bring me joy and I’m so happy that you decided to share your amazing gifts and talents with us!! What a blessing!!

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    1. Thanks Kelly!! I always appreciate your comments. There will be more Remember When for sure. I’m just looking for more variety in my writings. 🙂 trying to drum up some more readership.


  4. Love your blog…if I think of anything for you to write I’ll let you know, I’m on Vals wagon about reading whatever you want us too, I’m not to sure about the remember when’s because your remembers makes me feel like I lack culture in my life hahaha…not having a clue about the monkeys is a perfect example…reading things about the Bible and how it inspires us and asking us questions about it is right up my alley…that alone makes me excited…proud of your blog but honestly talk to me about it when your a year in…2 months pfff!!! Hehehe…

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  5. I second or third or fourth everyone who said we would like to hear about your cooking foray this year and insights that you gain from reading through the Bible! I wouldn’t mind leaning more about your experiences as wait staff in a restaurant… I never did that job so would like to read some stories, I’m sure you have some 🙂

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