How Do You Plan Your Time?

About a week ago I wrote about starting my list of things I would like to accomplish in 2022. Just a preliminary list…nothing too detailed, but now it’s time to get more organized. I know I told you before organization is not my strong suit, but did I tell you I love all the tools that keeps you structured?

I am fanatical about school supplies, journals, planners…just about anything related to the subject. I was the nerd who over Labor Day weekend every year would spread out all the supplies my mother bought me and get myself ready for the first day of school. I would put my pens, pencils, and erasers in my pencil case. I would put my loose-leaf paper in my binder. I would write the subjects on the tabs and be all ready. Each year I told myself this would be the year I would stay organized; I would keep it together for the entire year.

Then November would come around and all bets were off. My bookbag would be a mess and my locker in disarray. The worst was in elementary school. The nuns would make us clean out our desks every quarter. If there was a prize for the messiest desk, you can imagine who would win that prize. Thank God by the time I starting going to school the nuns couldn’t hit with rulers anymore; my hand would have a permanent red mark on it, LOL.

As an adult, I no longer have to have supplies for English, Math, Social Studies, but I do need a yearly system for keeping my life semi on track and this is the time of year I go searching for the perfect thing to use. And I look at it all.

So many pretty things to choose from. There are elaborate day timers with boxes to check and every kind of list from your goals to expenses. There are wall calendars for simply writing down appointments and everything in between. I have tried them all. Some people use their phones to keep themselves up to date with all they need to do, but I always forget to look at my phone calendar on a daily basis and no…I will not put a thousand reminders on my phone to ring throughout that day. It would annoy me so much, that I probably wouldn’t do the thing just because the reminder annoyed me. Yes, I can be that petty sometimes, LOL!

What works best for me is the old fashioned black and white marble composition books. I actually draw out a month and mark off the squares for the dates and then use the pages for weekly goals and daily to do lists I can check off as I accomplish something. Yes, it works best for me, but if you flip through one…you are going to see days even weeks that haven’t been written. (I said it works best for me, I didn’t say I worked best for it…just saying)

This year I am trying an actual planner. It’s a writing goals planner I found on Amazon. I have ideas for various writing projects other than the blog, so let’s see how this works to keep me on track throughout the year. I am actually going to attempt to fill in all the lists and use all the things they have put in there. This is the year I will stay organized; I will keep it together for the entire year…o.k. so I’ll do my best. Wish me luck!!!

***Question for the comments…Do you use a yearly planner? What kind do you use? If not, how do you keep yourself organized throughout the year? Do you stay organized or are you just flying by the seat of your pants?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

10 thoughts on “How Do You Plan Your Time?

  1. I feel your joy and pain sister! Part of the joy of me teaching was getting ready for school. The worst part was bratty kids and grading; but I digress. I’m waiting for my new planner that is my Christmas present and started going through the User Guide. I realized this morning it’s time to start pre-planning.

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  2. Lol at least you made it till November! After the first weekend of “back to school”that was it for me.
    Totally get you on the messy desk and locker, you crack me up!

    The power of decision is so strong and I see that you have decided that this is your year!! Make it happen! I know you will!!

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  3. I use to carry a pencil and one of those portfolio folders …it was super thin and when you opened it…it had a pocket on each side, that folder could only hold a couple of papers…that with whatever book was for the class that’s it…no bag with all your books, after each class I’d cruise to my locker to change books…I’d try to hit all my work at study hall cause I hated home work…stealing pencils was my thing cause I would always lose mine pencil fighting…hahaha

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  4. No yearly planner or monthly planner or weekly planner, or worst yet, daily planner for me! There were moments in my past that I used some variety. The longest stent was a weekly planner in college 😉 Ohh, perhaps longer was a monthly calendar hanging on the instead of the pantry door, when I was running a home with 4 people’s schedules. Now, I keep it all in my head ! It’s a crazy busy place up in there! But, I don’t steal any pens or pencils … on purpose. I did hold our Waikiki church’s pen for one week before returning it. Lol.

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