Juggling the “Good” & the “Bad”…Balancing the Holiday Season. Is It Even Possible?

Okay, so Thanksgiving was amazing! The spread, as always, was filled with my favorite foods and I have spent the past few days enjoying the many leftovers, including dessert. And now, the feasting continues…you know…Christmas cookies, holiday get togethers that range from just drinks and small plates to full on dinner parties. And let’s not forget all the other opportunities that come out of nowhere to smack us right in the kisser–coworkers leaving little treats on your desk, friends dropping off little packages filled with yummy things and the cocktails–eggnog, wine and spirits…oh my. It’s enough to put me in a food coma just thinking about it.

At the end of each season, I am so stuffed and just feel off, because, let’s be honest now…I can never say no to a holiday treat. I want to make sure I enjoy every little morsel, both savory and sweet, that makes a pass at me. LOL!!! At the end of the season, I am out of balance…but not this year. This year, I am making a vow to myself that I will not end the year feeling like a slug.

How am I going to pull off this miracle? By planning right here and now. I can still eat all the yummy things and drink all the festive drinks; it’s adding certain things to the mix that will make it possible for me to pull off this feat.

  1. I am going to drink more water. I usually do drink a lot of H2O, but it gets less around this time. I have to remember like it’s college…have a cocktail and then drink a water. You stay hydrated and won’t wake up with the proverbial hangover.
  2. Move the body around. Unfortunately, I am not big on exercise (I want to be and that’s one of the goals for the new year). But I plan to do something every day, even a small walk or some yoga moves…it does a body good.
  3. Eat more fruits and veggies. I hate to say this, but my mother was right…you need these things for overall wellbeing. So, when I am not indulging in holiday cheer, I will be making sure to eat a balanced meal…boring, yes, but necessary.
  4. Get more sleep…my downfall is staying up too late. I sleep about maybe 6 hours a night on average. That’s because I am either listening to music or watching a movie on my phone. Bad habit, I know. My goal is to go to bed without headphones on. I will actually read a real paper book, not my kindle. Then when it’s lights out for the night, my phone won’t be a temptation.

So, there you go. I am not going overboard, but just a few better habits mixed in the fun the next month will bring. There is no good or bad food, there is only a healthy balance of everything. I just tend to be a little off kilter most of the time. (Ok…a lot off kilter…LOL) I have to remember to incorporate all the things in order to live a balanced life, especially around this time comfort and joy.

***Question for the comments…Do you tend to go a little sideways around the holidays like me or are you able to keep your balance all the way through? Are there any tips you have for keeping an even balance all year long?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

10 thoughts on “Juggling the “Good” & the “Bad”…Balancing the Holiday Season. Is It Even Possible?

  1. 1. Yes. I also need to drink more water.
    2. Am getting ready to work out right now.
    3. Your mother was never right about ANYTHING!
    4. Sulpazos are genetically programmed to only sleep 6 hrs a night
    To me, balance is being on a seesaw, some days all the way up, some days all the way down. And no, NOT in a bipolar way, no matter what some people may say
    🤣. As for being sideways at the holidays, honey I WALK sideways from Thanksgiving through Jan 9th!

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  2. Good for you Tracie! It’s great that you’re getting ahead of the game!!
    When I see myself getting off track, I make a list of what I want to see happen and I make sure to check it off daily till I get back on track.

    Lol on Valerie’s comment😂😂😂

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  3. Isn’t it too easy to over indulge and not move enough, especially when so much delicious food is on offer. I found cutting down (not out) carbs and sugar and moving more helped me budge weight. Find something you really enjoy so moving is not a chore but a pleasure. The one that surprised me was dried fruit has lots of sugar – and you think it’s good for you! Avoid snacking too, it’s hard to stop at one tiny moresel. Happy holidays 😀

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  4. No…can’t do it…it’s hard to stay balanced…why is it so easy to eat bad and hard to eat healthy which by the way is a lot more expensive! I say enjoy the holidays and next year hit the arbonne as hard as you can…

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    1. Lol…no way to keep a good balance between the two? A lot of people do it all year long…unfortunately I am not one of those people and will always have an excuse to stay out of balance lol


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