Macy’s Parade & Other Thanksgiving Things

Turkey day has arrived with all the trimmings and traditions. First of all, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and tell you I am very thankful you are here reading my blog. I was extremely nervous 5 weeks ago when I decided to do this and I am very happy with every like and comment you have passed my way. I am very thankful for every view the Squiggle Line Cafe receives.

It’s early here in Hawaii, very early on Thanksgiving morning. You may be wondering why in the world would I be up at the crack of dawn on a holiday and the answer is…the parade! The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!!! It is my tradition-I think I was the only one in the family to like it year after year. I no longer know most of the stars and singers, but I still totally enjoy the performances on Herald Square, the big balloons from my childhood and of course–my first Santa sighting of the year.

Yes, I am known to be a bit of a free spirit and a non-conformist, but I do have certain traditions I have made for myself throughout the years that I try to stick to, no matter what. (that’s why I was up at 4 this morning) The parade is the kick off to the holiday season. Even if it’s only background noise, while I do other things…it must be on. One of my greatest memories was visiting an ex-boyfriend who had business in New York City one November. We stood on Columbus Circle, drinking coffee and freezing to death, but I was on cloud 9 all day…a 30 year old woman, giddy as a school girl. I was at the parade–live and in person!!!!

When I was young, Thanksgiving dinner was at my aunt and uncle’s house. Since we lived in Baltimore, we would drive 2 hours to make it for dinner, eat, hang out, clean up and then get back in the car to drive another 2 hours back home. That was just the way it was. At least on Christmas we stayed home and they came to us, because whoever had the youngest kid hosted Christmas…that was me…I am the baby.

Anyway, the food at my aunt’s house was amazing. All the usual suspects of turkey and sides were there. But, one of the desserts she made every year was a chocolate silk pie! Can you say YUM?!?! LOL! It was heavenly. I would wait every year for that chocolaty goodness.

One of my other Aunts made eggnog. One version for the kids; one version for the adults. I was a teenager the first time I snuck a sip of the boozie variety–OMG, it was so strong all I could do was cough. But I couldn’t tell anyone what caused my hacking fit, because I would’ve gotten into trouble. Even when it was legal for me to drink it…I never drank Aunt Sue’s eggnog again.

After the drive home, when we were all settled in for the night, I would (and still do) watch “Miracle on 34th. Street”. (b&w version with Natalie Wood) It is the perfect first holiday movie to begin the season of merry. It starts on Thanksgiving Day and ends on Christmas Day. You can’t get any better than that. Yes, I will be watching it tonight.

I go out of my way every year to not look at the early Christmas displays in the stores, tune out the Christmas music blaring through Walmart in October and try to not look at the lights on houses as we drive at night. No talk of Christmas at all until I have watched “Miracle on 34th. Street” Thanksgiving night.

But night turns into morning and as soon I open my eyes on Black Friday…full on Christmas mode…decorations, music, gifts, cards, food. I basically explode with Christmas cheer…so get ready gang.

But, today is Thanksgiving Day, a day that gets lost sometimes between Halloween and Christmas in the ever-growing age of commercialism. Please, let’s remember to give thanks today for all the blessings we have in our lives. Now…let’s go eat some bird–gobble gobble.

****Question for the comments…How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving memories from childhood?

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Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

22 thoughts on “Macy’s Parade & Other Thanksgiving Things

  1. I’m so thankful and my family loves thanksgiving…I remember as a kid the Judd Ohana would all meet up in palolo…thanks to granny and papa…there was at least 15 of us cousins running around playing games from kickball to hoops off of a rim on the mango tree…the adults making pupus for the day to go with whatever they were drinking…mostly beer “primo” was the go to beer back in the day…then papa would bring out the ukulele, guitar, and upright bass and sing into the evening…eventually the music caught my attention and I learned how to play by watching…sad to say since the good Lord took papa and granny home, there’s not much of those big gatherings anymore…now it’s just mom and dad, daune and keawe, and a few of my dear friends…but the love for the family runs strong through text messaging and phone calls…by the way my opening Christmas movie of the season…a Christmas story!

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  2. Great read as always although, I feel I must make a slight correction. Aunt Ginny made the eggnog, not Aunt Gladys. She is the “other aunt” Tracie mentioned. Also, do you remember her stuffing inside the bird?


  3. I think Aunties must have the fix on Thanksgiving. My favorite childhood and adult memories of the meal were always over at my Aunt’s place who was known as the best cook in our family! Then as my family was growing, I hosted it at my place. It didn’t get good until I learned how to make my favorite dish. Homemade cranberry-orange sauce. That is still my fav to this day. And yes, I made some for the first time yesterday since living on this island for over a year!! I am in Heaven!

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  4. That 🍦 is exactly what James said!!!
    Yes, it is thick like applesauce and without the skins – goes down smooth! By itself or with the turkey meat (or ham) – sooo good !!

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  5. We didn’t have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner when I was a child. Dad didn’t like turkey. So we either had Sweet and sour pork (which I don’t like) or a pork shoulder roast. If I wanted “traditional”, I had to go somewhere else. Every other year, we’d travel a couple of hours to a friend’s house and we always went for a walk after dinner. And dinner might have been different, dessert was very much traditional. The parade was also a part of the day. I missed it this year. The holidays have taken on a different feeling for me as I’m not usually home, but if I’m local I gather with friends, enjoy a great meal, enjoy the time and am grateful for what I’m blessed with. Happy Thanksgiving!

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