Candy Corn, The Rocky Horror Picture Show & The Great Pumpkin: 4 Stages of Halloween!!!!

Trick or treat, the monster mash, candy, costumes, ghosts, goblins, the great pumpkin and scary movies….it’s that spooky time of year when it’s all about the cute and the scary all rolled into one. It’s cute, because kids are put into little outfits that we all ooo and aahhh at and scary, because most of us like a little thrill in our lives. (actually for me…a lil horror goes a long way)

This week as I sat around thinking about today’s post I came up with 4 stages of Halloween. Let me know if you agree with them or if there are more I may have missed. Also, in the comments tell me your fave scary movie and your fave Halloween candy.

Stage One: Trick or treating…As kids we get to dress up in all sorts of fun costumes and go around the neighborhood trolling for candy. We are like a bunch of grabbers who can barely get out the words trick or treat as we drool over what is going to end up in our pillowcase. (yes, I am showing my age…we had to use a pillowcase back in my day. We did not have the cute pumpkin pails they use today) Then when we got all the candy we could carry, we went home. And there was my mother ready to check all the goodies for any unwrapped or sketchy looking candy…always taking a piece or two making sure it wasn’t poisonous…come on…she was just stealing our candy lol.

Stage Two: Costume parties…ok, we got a little older and couldn’t go out in the neighborhood begging for candy anymore, so some nice parent would invite us over for a party. You still dressed up, but you’re a little older now and agonized over your choice. You didn’t want to look stupid in front of the crush you had in school or youth group. Except…there were three guys from my church who continued to buy the plastic costumes with the masks, cut them all up to try to put it on and drove to friends houses looking for candy…Thom, Paul…I’m looking at you.

Stage Three: Hitting the bars…so, now you are 21 (or have a fake I.D.) and its time to dress up and hit the bars for drinks not candy. This seems to be the time where all female costumes you go out to buy have the word slutty in it….slutty nurse, slutty kitten, slutty witch…you get the idea. The guys on the other hand either put on jeans and a flannel shirt and call themselves cowboys or back in my day, they would dress like women with balloons in their sweaters. The best costume I ever wore as an adult? My friend Susan and I dressed up like nuns and went down to Fells Point in Baltimore. We looked so real…people thought we were out on a mission to save souls. I had rosary beads in my hand and Susan carried an old wooden school ruler that she swatted at any guy that tried to be a little frisky. Best Halloween ever!!

Stage Four: Staying home with candy and movies…this is where I have been for a long time and I love it. If you have kids in your neighborhood you will probably buy some candy to give out, but you will buy more of your favorite to keep all for yourself. Then when the kids stop ringing the bell…its time to settle down to a good horror flick and your favorite candy. You’re probably wondering what I usually do for the festive day of fright…I grab a bag of candy corn (don’t judge me…its pure sugar in perfect form), watch one of my favorite movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (the first time I saw it at a midnight screening at age 18, I was hooked…I’m still trying to figure out how to dress up as Columbia in the gold top hat) and then I sit with Linus in the pumpkin patch waiting for The Great Pumpkin.

There you go, the Four Stages of Halloween. Whatever stage you are in, just be careful, because…”Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand, creatures crawl in search of blood….For no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the Thriller…..BWHAHAHAHA”

***excerpt taken from michael jackson’s thriller 1982***


Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a writer, reader, life coach, lover of the city and the beach. I am a big fan of all things caffeinated. I dig things from many different decades, but am a definite child of the 80's. My blog is about everything and anything my mind conjures up. Enjoy the ride.

11 thoughts on “Candy Corn, The Rocky Horror Picture Show & The Great Pumpkin: 4 Stages of Halloween!!!!

  1. While I love the movie The Birds, it’s not really a Halloween movie. I long ago gave up the slasher movies, but my inner child does still love to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. As for candy…I enjoy some candy corn now and again, but my favorite is the mini Payday bars.

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  2. I had a friend whose son dressed up as Frank N. Furter for his senior picture in his high school yearbook!
    I have seen the movie but never in a theater. It is on my bucket list!

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  3. There may be a stage 3 1/2 where you take your kids out trolling or help in their classroom parties and want to dress up too but have a hard time finding kid friendly “adult” costumes so you use your own clothes from previous decades to create an ensemble.
    Or a stage 4 1/2 where your neighbor hosts a garage or driveway party for adults and children as they pass by trick or treating, complete with music and games – they just keep the Jell-O shots away from the kids who only want the candy anyway!

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